It is not often that I write about a product that I really don't get along with however, today is that day.

After having a serious clear out in my haircare basket, I came across a thickness and volume spray by Paul Mitchell.
I must admit that my naturally poker straight hair often lacks oomph so I was intruiged as to what this product could do for me.

The bottle says to spray close to the roots in damp hair and style as desired.

I used this product on freshly washed hair that had been subjected to no other product
 (not even heat protectant), spraying two to three applications around my hairline.

After blowdrying my hair I noticed that my roots looked really greasy and my hair generally felt unclean.

The next day I washed my hair again and tried the product out once more, the same thing occured.
I was left with greasy unstyleable hair, not to mention a complete lack of volume.

I really didn't get on with this product and usually I shy away from root uplifters anyway as they seem to cause the same problem.
Have you had a similar experience with a volumising, root spray?

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