Budget beauty brand MUA were on fire in 2013, bursting onto the bargain make-up scene and wowing us with their lush lipsticks, dishy palette dupes and lest we forget the ah-mazing Pro Fixing Mist.

I have been using this 12 shade palette almost everyday for the past month as the shadows are just so darn easy to wear. Whether you are combining two or three shades or wearing a single wash of colour the colours in this palette are suitable for every eye colour.

For matte shadow lovers this might not be one for you as all of the shades contain a fair bit of shimmer which in turn makes them a little soft to work with.
Make sure you have a tissue on hand to blot away some of the excess fall down that can occur with the shadows.

You can really play around with the shades to create daytime and nightime, smokey looks as the plaette hits almost every brown tone on the spectrum.

The colour pay off is great, the darkest and lightest shades revealing high power pigmented colour's.
You can buy the Heaven and Earth palette for £4 at Superdrug, the perfect price for 12 shadows with 12 hour longevity without using an eye primer.

I have been using a lid wash of the top left colour (C'mon MUA name your shades!) followed by the sixth shade from left on the top in my socket line and finally a touch of the fifth shade in on the bottom line along my lower lash line.

The perfect earth toned eye.

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