Love em or loathe em, there is no doubt about it that pigments are beautiful.
The multi dimentional colours and sparkling flecks, they really can bring make-up alive.
The problem is that they're just way too messy and often find themselves pushed to the back of our makeup drawer's.

When I was around 17 I loved my MAC pigments, layering them over matte eyeshadows to produce a more creative eye makeup.

With the olden days in mind I got to thinking about what else we could to with our unused and unloved pigments.

Nails: I often like to add a sprinkle of shimmery pigment to whatever nail colour takes my fancy that day.

Cheeks: I have a really lovely blush pink pigment that when used sparingly looks great on the apple of the cheeks, the same goes for peachy or more bronze toned pigments, they look great when used to add a sunkissed glow.

Mix it up: Last year the year of the mix exploded and beauty boffins alike were telling us to get mixing. A quick tip is to mix a little pigment with your foundation to add a sprinkle of shimmer and a healthy glow to your face.

Have a root around the depths of your beauty box and see how you can become a pigment pro.
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