I love the colour purple and I love the way the word rolls right off the tongue.
After having a dig around in my nail polish collection, it became blatently obvious that purple must be my favourite shade of polish as I own 22 bottles of the stuff.

As the colour of royalty I think that it is only right that we give a nod to some of the most beautiful purple polishes.

The shimmery purple:
(Bottom Left) For the past week I have adorned my fingernails with Number Six by Arden Cosmetics. I am not usually one for shimmery polish as I think it can often look a little young but there is something about this deep purple polish with flecks of silver that just brings the nail alive. Arden polishes are hypoallergenic with a high shine finish and last up to six days chip free.

The pink purple:
(Top Middle)Last summer the L'Oreal Color Riche polishes wowed me. Not only do they apply opaque in one coat, but they dry within 10 seconds and remain on the nails for over a week chip free. Flashing Lilac is my favourite pink, toned purple polish. It looks great on shorter nails as the high shine finish makes your nails look longer and healthier.

The lilac:
(Bottom Middle)Nails Inc polishes are my all time favourite polish consistencies and this very shade that was introduced for Instyle Magazine a few summers ago is my go to polish when I can't decide on what colour to paint my nails. I love the lilac/pink hue that mixes girly and edgy, it also looks great on your toes, especially in the summertime.

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