I can't say that I have always had the best relationship with dry shampoo products.
I hate them but they really are a saviour are they not?

When I had red hair, I used the Batiste 'Hint of Red'  dry shampoo as it helped disguise white, powdery roots with colour.

Since lightening my hair, the white powder doesn't look as bad but it still makes me look like an old lady!

I recently discovered a dry shampoo that leaves your hair feeling refreshed and voluminous without the powdery hot mess around your hair line.

The Inecto - Pure Coconut Dry Shampoo is a liquid spray as opposed to a powder and not only does it leave your shiny over dull, but it also makes your hair smell fabulous and exotic.

I think this product is perfect for days when your hair needs a refresh but also on days where you need a little bit of va va voom in your hair!

I hope that more dry shampoo's of this forumla appear on the market as I think they are much more practical.

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