I don't know about you, but the scent of Lush products makes me very happy.
I love wandering passed the store, the soapy infusions dazzling my nose and inticing me in. 
So when Santa very kindly brought me the Snow Fairy Gift Cone I was rather excited.

Now, I know that these products are Christmas specials but I thought I would share my two penneth on them should you see them pop up next winter and want to give them a whirl.

Inside my gift pack I recieved the Snow Fairy shower gel which not only smells amazing in the bottle, think candy floss and pear drops but it also lingers it's scent on your skin for hours.
It smells like an old fashioned sweet shop.

I was also treated to the Shimmy Shimmy Massage Bar which is one of my all time Lush favourites because it smells like a scrumptious chocolatey/vanilla treat, containing cocoa butter and shea butter the massage bar leaves your skin ridiculously smooth, I like to use it in place of shaving gel because of how conditioning it feels on the skin.

For me, it is the perfect in shower soap for using before a special occasion as it contains little specs of glitter that linger on your skin, the perfect party shimmer!

Finally, I recieved the Angel's Delight soap, i'm not always a fan of soap bars as I find them rather drying.
Angel's Delight on the other hand is fairly moisturising and smells delicious too.

I do think that Lush products are fairly over priced but at just over £6, this little cone does come in reasonably barginous as the combined products at their normal price would price in at almost £12.

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