So very much has changed since I wrote a post about last years diary.
It's odd how one year can differ so much from the last but I suppose that's the fun of it eh?

This year I bought my diary from TK Maxx in the post Christmas sale.
I was attracted to it for how sweet the illustrations are inside and the oriental design.

Produced by Kimmidoll, the same people who made my little coin purse 
I love how handbag friendly this diary is.

Inside there is a small space for each day and every month illustrates a different doll with a description of somebody born under that month.

For everybody born in November like myself, we have the good luck doll.
(phew now there's a thought)

Whilst I don't think this diary is the most practical for writing down huge lists, it is great for daily appointments and little momento's.
And it looks chic on my desk.
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