More recently I have been giving the old fake a tan a nod of apreciation.
Since becoming much lighter haired, my naturally very pale skintone seemed to look even more casper-esc than it did before.

I can't say that I have been going all out with the darker than dark mousse but a subtle tinge of tan has been called for.

I have been switching between two different brands of tanning cream for the past month now, giving the save vs splurge test a whirl.

My budget option is the Derma V10 - Solkiss Lotion
You can buy it for £1 at Bodycare, Home Bargains and Wilkinson's.
Having tried the mousse version of this product and being very impressed I wanted to see how the lotion fared.
It is a clear, thin cream which is great as it doesn't stain your clothes or sheets as it dries and develops. The blueberry scent lingers for around an hour before the infamous biscuity aroma decends.

Upon rinsing around13 hours later, I was left with a lovely hint of tan, very natural looking as opposed to fake.
The colour tone developing to a red toned tan.

Comparable against the £1 bargain tanning lotion, I tried the Yon-ka - Lait Auto-Bronzant* which you can buy online for £29.00.
Again, this is a thin, clear cream that does have that familiar tan scent when immediately applying it to your skin.
I prefer to use this tan before bed so that the scent isn't lingering on my skin all day long.
After rinsing the base colour off the following morning, my tan is again very natural and subtle.
In comparison with the Solkiss shade it is much more of a brown tan.

Overall, I am pleased with the result given by both of the self tanning lotions however, for me personally I think I will stick to my budget Derma v10 option as it is easily replaced and the results are almost exactly the same as a self tanning cream costing nearly thirty pounds.
I also prefer the distinct lack of biscuity aroma on first contact with the skin.

On this occasion, budget beauty wins.

*PR Sample

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