My week through Instagram @goodgollymisshollie: My new camera | New years eve drinks | What a different two years can make | All set for the rain with my Macy's mac and Mulberry | Saying goodbye to Christmas 2013 | Catching up with an old friend | My new hat | Cocktails on The Alchemist rooftop | My sale rail Chelsea Girl dress.

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Split between two years, this week has not been bad at all.

From clicking 'order' to it taking its first picture, my new camera arrived within 12 hours and although I have yet to learn how to use it properly, I have been facinated by the quality of photography that it has provided me with.
You will most likely see my blog imagery changing to much better quality over the next few weeks as I get my head around the different settings.
I am really pleased with it though and I hope to write a post all about why I chose it and how I am getting along with it in due course.

I spent New Years Eve with my Mum and Dad as I couldn't think of anybody I would have rather spent it with.
My family have been so supportive of me in the last few weeks when I have found things incredibly difficult.
We saw in 2014 with a boozy mix of Chambord and Prosecco and we set off the most insane firework display ever.
My dad and I shared a special moment, letting a chinese lantern drift into the cold winter sky to say goodbye to our demons of  2013, I have to say I felt a bit different there and then.

The middle of the week saw me catch up at Carluccio's Italian restaraunt in Leeds with old friend, Rani.
We had scrumptious food before heading to The Alchemist for drinks.

The cocktail menu there is so extensive, I started with a Rosebud which was essentially dried rosebuds mixed with rose liquer and gin and then went for a Breakfast at Tiffany's, which was similar in taste to a cosmopolitan with contreau and gin but with the secret ingrediant of orange marmalade?

Finally, I headed into town with my Mum for some retail therapy, who says that shopping doesn't cull the pain?
I found myself amongst the Chelsea Girl sale rail.
I bought the dress that you can see in the last picture as well as the fluffy hat that you can see also.

I shall be heading back to Liverpool this evening, we shall see what semester two holds.
I hope you all had a great weekend.

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