My week through Instagram: @goodgollymisshollie: My new favourite cushion | Missing that little face | Trying out some new glasses | Getting back into my love of flavoured tea | The long commute home with Company magazine | Cute present from my line manager at work | Filming a new video for my Youtube channel | Out for curry with my friend Jack | Thoughtful present from my friend Helen.

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This week I headed back to uni to give semester two a go, I have to say it has been a rather topsy turvy week in regards to uni work, my module's have changed a little and deadline's seem to be appearing a lot quicker than they did last term.
Neverthless, I am one week closer to finishing this year off, as my Dad always says:
"Keep crossing them off."

As well as getting myself back to the gym three times a week, I also headed into Liverpool with my friend Laura to our usual haunt Rococo for a well overdue catch up.
I opted for a peppermint tea as i'm starting to pick up my taste for flavoured tea again, in classic Laura style, she went for a hot chocolate. 
(N.B: I have to say, they do the most ah-mazing hot chocolate's - with all the works!)

I also went back to work this week which I was really glad about because after a month off, it is always good to get back into a routine.

Finally, I headed back through the Penine's on Friday and went out for dinner with my old friend Jack.
We took ourselves out for curry at The Cinnamon Lounge and it was an evening filled with good company and excellent food.

This week I have felt so much more like my old self well, I must be because I also filmed my very first Youtube video of 2014.
Seeing as though I now have a rather swish new camera, I decided that it was time to get back infront of it.
You can find my newest video below.

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