It only seems like two minutes ago that I was talking about my January Favourites.
This month I have been enjoying a whole host of different products from general beauty to hair to make-up and everything in-between.

The Nails: February was the month of the black nail. Now, this isn't the first time that I have been obsessed with dark nail polish, I went through a similar stage when I was sixteen and it seems the black bug has bitten me again, I would hate to say that it has anything at all to do with a certain Kardashian family. I am currently wearing 'Noir' by London Girl. The polish remains chip free for nearly five days and is ultra gloss. 

The Hair: I wrote a more in depth review of the Herbal Essences Bee Strong Conditioning Mask in [THIS POST]  - so you will be able to see why it just had to be a February favourite. This mask has literally given my over bleached, dry, straw-like hair a new lease of life. Not only does it smell ah-mazing, like apricot and honey but it also does its job quickly. My hair felt much softer and less damaged after 3-4 washes. I like to leave the mask on once a week for up to an hour.

The Scent: Prior to a few weeks ago I don't think I had bought a body spray since I was at high school and I used to spray myself silly in Charlie 'Pink' after P.E lessons. I was however really surprised at how lovely the Into Glamour spray from Impulse smells. Think of the Jimmy Choo perfume and you're not far off. It is a really easy day/night scent that lingers on your skin for ages.

The Eyeshadow: I have fallen back in love with Toasted by Urban Decay. This eyeshadow I believe was made for me as it is the only colour I wear that makes me eyes look bigger. I love the warming lilac and bronze undertones of Toasted and it is so versatile, suiting all eye colours.

The Moisturiser: Since the lovely Meghan from the Clarins Skin Spa recommended the Hydra Matte Lotion I have used nothing else on my skin post cleanse. It tightens my pores and leaves my face shine/oil free for 24 hours. I really recommend this if, like me you have oily skin and you want an overnight solution that preps your skin ready for the morning.

The Eyeliner: If you read [THIS POST] you will know that this month I dabbled with liner on my upper lash line. As a gal with fairly small eyelids I wasn't sure if this was the look for me however, I found that brown liner looks surprisingly good and much less harsh than black. This month, I have been wearing the Umberto Giannni 'Painted Lady' Feliner.

What beauty bits have you been loving this month?


Some may call them unnecessary, others may call them a necessity, today I am talking about make-up primer, specifically the Fix and Perfect from Rimmel.

I bought this primer on a whim whilst shopping in the discount beauty store Xtra's.
The primer usually retails in Boots for £3.49 however I found mine for £1.

I have to say that Rimmel is one of my favourite drugstore make-up brands so I was looking forward to seeing how this primer worked alongside my skin and foundation.

I have the shade 001 which is the lightest of the range.
The primer is intended to minimise pores, smooth the skin and even out your complexion.

Upon first impressions I found that the colour of the primer is a little interesting, it is bright orange and when I say bright I mean tangerine, this soon dissapears when it is blended fully into the skin.

The consistency of the primer is a little like a mousse, it is dry and seperates upon contact with the skin.

I found that when I wear the primer underneath my foundation my skin looks smoother and more even, I can't say that my foundation lasts any longer because of wearing it but I do like how it reduces the oil on my face throughout the day, it is a real matifying product.

Overall, I do like this primer but I don't think that it is good enough to replace my favourite primer from Murad, if you want a very affordable primer with satisfactory results then I would encourage you to give fix and perfect a try.

Which primer do you use? 



Now here is a blast from the past!
Who remembers Eyeko Cream?

When I first started watching Youtube video's and reading blogs a long time ago back in 2009 it was all about the Eyeko cream, some people used it as a base before their foundation, others used it as a cheek highlight.

These were the days when the kookily packaged Eyeko products were hot property.

For those of you who don't know what I am talking about, Eyeko cream was a little pot of pearl finish moisturiser that could do a multitude of jobs.
Holly Willoughby and Kylie were known to be fans of the stuff.

Following a thorough clear out of my beauty drawers, I found a few pots of both the original cream and the tinted cream.
I used both underneath makeup and as a highlight.

The tinted cream is lovely for when you have fake tan on and you need to darken up your foundation a little.

Sadly, the Eyeko creams are no longer as readily available, a swift search online may find you one but since Eyeko rebranded they no longer stock the creams.

I have loved re discovering and wearing this beauty blast from the past.

Did you ever use Eyeko cream?


Primarks spring collection is on fire, the store has really upped their game..again.
As you all know I am a Primark gal through and through and whenever I head instore it is hard to leave empty handed.

Recently I bought another spring dress, a swing dress to be more specific.

I'm not usually one to wear yellow but there was something about the black and white floral print against the yellow materal that attracted me to this dress.
I think teamed with a chunky set of white beads, black tights and ballet pumps you can dress this little up or down.

The cut of the dress is a little strange it kind of floats around your figuire and I do recommend opting for a size down than what you usually would buy because of the shape.

I like to call it the cheery dress.

What have you spotted in Primark lately?
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I spend quite a fair bit of my life travelling around on a train or on a bus.
Whether I am shuttling to and from Liverpool, Leeds or London I carry the same essential products with me.

I like to keep my bag fairly light weight so I try to pack make-up that can be used in a multitude of ways.
It really makes me realise that my drawer full of make-up is very unnecessary.

My foundation, concealer and setting powder are essentials that I always carry so I won't babble on too much about them.
(FYI - They are the Collection 'Lasting Perfection' Foundation + Concealer and the Rimmel 'Stay Matte' powder.)

The Palette: I am still wildly in love with the MUA 'Heaven and Earth' Palette, yes the fall out from the shadows is pretty annoying but the colours are just so versatile and easy to wear, your eye make-up can be toned down for the day time and smoked up for the night time it is the perfect travel companion for your peepers.

The Lip Choice: I like to have options for my lips as when you find yourself in a new place you never know what occasion you may stumble across. I am currently all about the pink lips see [THIS POST] my neutral choice is a baby pink lip blush from Jelly Pong Pong it is subtle and balmy, perfect for the day. My bold, bright choice is nothing other than 'As you want Victoria' from Rimmel if you want loud lips, this is your weapon of choice.

The Gel Liner: I like to pack gel liner when I am travelling as it can be used to smudge along the lashline for a smokey eye or used simply in the tightline and waterline to define the eye. I am currently using MAC Fluidline in the shade Blitz and Glitz it is a beautiful, deep black with gold flecks.

The Bronzer: For me, bronzer is one of the most important steps in make-up, not only can your face be immediately warmed but it can also be sculpted with bronzer to give the illusion of killer cheekbones. My favourite bronzer will always be Delice de Poudre from Bourjois

Other important products that travel along with me are my MaybellineBrowdrama, the Models Own High Definition Volumizer Mascara and my favourite MAC Paintpot Rubenesque.

Which products can you not live without when you travel?
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My week through Instagram: @goodgollymisshollie: Arriving home to Strawberry Daquiri's | Reunited with my little Chappy cat | My pledge for university mental health awareness day | LOVING Kanye's proposal to Kim (sad to find out it was faked) | A night on the tiles with my best friend | Super happy to see Tati from GlamLifeGuru saw my tweet! | A new video on my Youtube Channel | Spring is on its way | Someones way of saying sorry

This week has been so topsy turvy having spent the first half of my week at home with my lovely family.
As you all know, I love going home as it's my happy place. 
I enjoyed catching up with my Grandparents for lunch and heading out for drinks with my old pal Jack.

It was strange returning to Liverpool on Thursday to head back to work, usually the weekend can only mean home time!

Having had some problems with the old wrist (again) I tried not to let it spoil my fun and took to the tiles on Friday night with my best friend.
I love getting glammed up and going for a dance, it really cheers me up.

Saturday was spent just relaxing and eating Nando's takeaway (ofcourse).
Next week will be busy busy with university work as I want to get all caught up before the beginning of next month..March?! Already?

You may have also seen this week that a new video went up on my channel!
 I was tagged by the beautiful Cole from her channel Coleyyyful to film 'The TMI TAG'
You can check that out down below.

'Till next week.



Last week marked three years since that Valentine's day dumping, it got me thinking about this blog which started officially on that very day back in 2011.
If you want a good giggle you can head back in time three years to [THIS POST].

I had a good old root through my old posts last week and although many of them now make me cringe, it is really nice to look back on parts of my life and see what I was doing at that particular point in time.

I can't believe how much has changed and how much I have changed in three years, its madness, back then I was a super orange gal with overly drawn on eyebrows and short, red wavy hair.

After feeling all nostalgic I decided to treat you all today to my 10 most popular posts ever.
Some of these I wouldn't have chosen myself but according to stats, these are the 10 that you all loved the most.

September 2011
- This was a review of the Henara colour enhancing
shampoo and conditioner.

May 2013
- A little nosey around my favourite four corners of my bedroom.

July 2011
- My take on mud, wee, wellies and good music.
It's how to survive a

November 2011
- What I got up to when I turned 18 -my celebrations, my dress, my make-up.

March 2012
- I still wear this eye make-up, timeless and neutral.

August 2012
- Back when I was a fiery red head I used the Directions 'Paint Pots' to refresh my red,
see the before and after picture's in this post.

November 2012
- I can't really decide how I feel about reading this post now, at the time it was the most 
magical weekend in London.

October 2010
- I have no words for these ones guys.

August 2013
- My favourite baking experience EVER, I love these little tin cakes.

April 2013
- It is of no surprise to me that these posts are my most read posts ever, the feedback I got from you guys was amazing!
I can't wait to get on with my 2nd year experience later this year!

And there you have it 10 of the most popular posts from the past three years, I hope you have enjoyed looking back on them and maybe you remember some of the oldies.

I am so happy that GGMH is still alive and kicking in 2014 and I believe that it is better than ever.
Thank you for all of your continued support!



My love for fake tan has returned burning hot.
Having taken a break from the bottle for nearly two years, the storage box under my bed is full to the brim of half empty and full bottles of neglected fake tan, high end, low end, instant, moisturising, mousse, lotion 
- you name it, I have it in tan.

It is safe to say that since 2014 began, I have rekindled my love affair with fake tan and I have been keeping up to a new tan routine ever since.

I do have to admit that gone are the days of terribly applied tan circa 2010/11.
The way I apply tan these days must be better because my Mum hasn't passed comment as she was the first to tell me I looked 'orange' or 'muddy looking.'

I am currently using the Instant Self Tan Lotion from St Moriz, if you have been a long time reader of GGMH you will know that my love affair with the St Moriz dark mousse has be ongoing for many years.

These days I much prefer the tan in lotion form.
It is much less drying on the skin which is something that I found annoying when using the mousse.
The lotion is easier to apply and I believe it leaves a much more even tan application.

The mousse variant of this tan often left me looking muddy immediately after application however, the lotion leaves you good to walk straight out of the door as the colour is instant.

The shade that develops on my (uber pale) natural skintone is a deep, golden brown which I think is much better suited to my fellow Casper's as there isn't too much of a green undertone.

I am a lotion convert!

Have you ever tried the St Moriz lotion?



Thankfully, my skin is playing ball at the moment and has settled down no end since last months severe eruption.
Since last month I have cut a lot of products out of my evening skincare routine and stripped it right back to basics.

Normally,I have oily/combination skin however I would say that it is currently more on the dehydrated side of the spectrum.

The Make-up Remover Pads:: As a girl who wears a hefty amount of eye makeup, cleansing alone doesn't remove all of that black eyeliner and lashing of mascara that coat my eyes daily. These little pads from Halo are textured to work into the skin to remove all traces of eye makeup. They are super gentle and fragrance free which is great for sensitive eyes.

The Facial Wash: I recently rediscovered my love for the Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash I have never used a more gentle cleanser that leaves my skin feeling clean and moisturised. I have the normal to combination skin variant which balances the oil in the Tzone and rehydrates the dry areas. 

The Toner: The Clarins Lotion Tonique is a new discovery for me after my [Clarins Skin Spa Experience]. I apply a small amount on a cotton pad and cleanse upwards paying partiular attention to my forehead and nose. It is non alcoholic so it is ultra refreshing and non drying on the skin. After using, my face looks brighter and my blemishes reduced.

The Moisturiser: As you can probably tell I have a bit of a thing for Balance Me products at the moment and their moisturiser is just as excellent as the wash. I like to use this after cleansing and before I apply my make-up as it provides a lovely smooth base to lay my makeup onto.

The Blemish Buster:  I love Teetree oil, this little bottle from the bodyshop is perfect for dabbing onto blemishes when they rear their ugly heads. Two to three applications usually eradicates them.

What skincare have you been loving recently?



Clockwise from the top: Rimmel 'As you want Victoria' | MAC 'Girl about town' |
RMK '28 Rose' | MAC 'Big apple red'

A pop of colour on the lips is enough to turn anybody's frown upside down.
My hue of choice is pink, red toned pink to be precise.

I like to wear bright lipstick on a daily basis with complementary bronze/gold eye make-up.
I like the way lipstick makes my face look brighter and makes my teeth look whiter.

Today I am talking the creme de la crem of my lipstick collection.
These are the shades that I always turn to for any occasion as they never let me down.

The Sophisticated Lip: Sometimes an event arises whereby the big guns are called. Whether it is a presentation, a meeting or an interview there has to be a lipstick in every lippy lovers collection that can be called upon when things mean business. My sophisticated lip is 28 Rose by RMK. It is by far the most moisturising lipstick that I own and is warming against all skin tones due to the brown undertone of the red.

The Bold Lip: I don't believe that you can get much bolder than a hot, and I mean a hot pink lip. 'As You Want Victoria' from Rimmel is certainly that. It's juicy and it's brash, not only is the pigmentation ah-mazing but it is so moisturising and comfortable to wear. If you want to make a statement, make it with Victoria.

The Favourite Lip: I look at this lipstick with a heavy heart as it reminds me of a very happy summer in my life. The Carrie Bradshaw of the lipstick world,'Girl About Town' from MAC is not only a punch of sexy pink but a MAC shade that every girl should wear whilst sipping a cosmo. The amplified shade is uber moisturising and stays put on your lips for up to eight hours.

The Iridescent Lip: Now technically this lipstick is more of a red than a pink however it sits right on the border so I think we can make an allowance. This is the sophisticated occasion/big night out colour hybrid. The frost finish reveals tiny gold flecks between the lush deep pink/red colour. Ladies and gentlemen I offer you 'Big Apple Red' from MAC.

Do you have a lipstick that reminds you of somewhere, someone or something?
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