It only seems like two minutes ago that I was talking about my January Favourites.
This month I have been enjoying a whole host of different products from general beauty to hair to make-up and everything in-between.

The Nails: February was the month of the black nail. Now, this isn't the first time that I have been obsessed with dark nail polish, I went through a similar stage when I was sixteen and it seems the black bug has bitten me again, I would hate to say that it has anything at all to do with a certain Kardashian family. I am currently wearing 'Noir' by London Girl. The polish remains chip free for nearly five days and is ultra gloss. 

The Hair: I wrote a more in depth review of the Herbal Essences Bee Strong Conditioning Mask in [THIS POST]  - so you will be able to see why it just had to be a February favourite. This mask has literally given my over bleached, dry, straw-like hair a new lease of life. Not only does it smell ah-mazing, like apricot and honey but it also does its job quickly. My hair felt much softer and less damaged after 3-4 washes. I like to leave the mask on once a week for up to an hour.

The Scent: Prior to a few weeks ago I don't think I had bought a body spray since I was at high school and I used to spray myself silly in Charlie 'Pink' after P.E lessons. I was however really surprised at how lovely the Into Glamour spray from Impulse smells. Think of the Jimmy Choo perfume and you're not far off. It is a really easy day/night scent that lingers on your skin for ages.

The Eyeshadow: I have fallen back in love with Toasted by Urban Decay. This eyeshadow I believe was made for me as it is the only colour I wear that makes me eyes look bigger. I love the warming lilac and bronze undertones of Toasted and it is so versatile, suiting all eye colours.

The Moisturiser: Since the lovely Meghan from the Clarins Skin Spa recommended the Hydra Matte Lotion I have used nothing else on my skin post cleanse. It tightens my pores and leaves my face shine/oil free for 24 hours. I really recommend this if, like me you have oily skin and you want an overnight solution that preps your skin ready for the morning.

The Eyeliner: If you read [THIS POST] you will know that this month I dabbled with liner on my upper lash line. As a gal with fairly small eyelids I wasn't sure if this was the look for me however, I found that brown liner looks surprisingly good and much less harsh than black. This month, I have been wearing the Umberto Giannni 'Painted Lady' Feliner.

What beauty bits have you been loving this month?
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