Did anybody see where January went?
No, me neither so I suppose we should crack on with January favourites.

This month was the month of discovery, I found myself casting my old favourites aside in exchange for new and exciting beauty products.

The Eyes: Since my friend Laura kindly donated the MUA - Heaven and Earth palette to me last month I have used no shadow on my eye lids. Last week I raved about it in [THIS POST] I just love the blend of golden toned brown's, bronze's and chocolate's. My only reservation is the crazy amount of fall out that occurs when applying these shadows however, this is nothing a piece of cotton wool can't solve and the reason why Heaven and Earth is a firm favourite.

The Hair: Since I have ended up on some ridiculous quest for blonde hair I have been buying products with the intention to brighten up my dirty blonde/obviously orange hair. I recommended the John Frieda - Go Blonder - Lightening Shampoo to my mum a few months ago, she really enjoyed using it so when I myself turned to the light side, I bought a bottle too. My hair is significantly blonder since using this shampoo bi-daily. It leaves your hair smelling citrusy and the best part, it's peroxide and ammonia free.

The Skin: Stress and travel leaves my skin looking rather worse for wear, living between home and uni means that I am constantly using 'whatever available'. In January I put a stop to this and concentrated on using the Simple - Smoothing Facial Scrub which is just so lovely and refreshing on the skin, especially in the morning. The forumla is gentle and packed with vitamins leaving your skin thoroughly cleansed and cared for.

The Brows: I can't remember what I ever did without Maybelline 'Brow Drama' in my life! I can safely say that I will never go back to fixing my brows with a gloopy, clear gel.
The pigmented spooly (I have the shade Medium Brown) works effectively on it's own to add definition and pigment to the brow but also works brilliantly in sculpting and shaping your brows after shading them in.

The Lips: You know when you finally take the plunge and try out a product that has been overly hyped only to find out that there was a bloody good reason as to why there is so much mania surrounding it. Soap and Glory's -Sexy Mother Pucker is the ultimate lip plumping gloss that makes your lips look amazingly full whilst depositing a gorgeous pop of pink colour. Words cannot describe, ladies you need this in your life.

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