26 February 2014


Now here is a blast from the past!
Who remembers Eyeko Cream?

When I first started watching Youtube video's and reading blogs a long time ago back in 2009 it was all about the Eyeko cream, some people used it as a base before their foundation, others used it as a cheek highlight.

These were the days when the kookily packaged Eyeko products were hot property.

For those of you who don't know what I am talking about, Eyeko cream was a little pot of pearl finish moisturiser that could do a multitude of jobs.
Holly Willoughby and Kylie were known to be fans of the stuff.

Following a thorough clear out of my beauty drawers, I found a few pots of both the original cream and the tinted cream.
I used both underneath makeup and as a highlight.

The tinted cream is lovely for when you have fake tan on and you need to darken up your foundation a little.

Sadly, the Eyeko creams are no longer as readily available, a swift search online may find you one but since Eyeko rebranded they no longer stock the creams.

I have loved re discovering and wearing this beauty blast from the past.

Did you ever use Eyeko cream?


  1. omg! I remember these products! That is a blast from the past!


  2. Haha I remember these. I opened my old tub about a year ago and the product had almost completely disappeared! It's like it shrunk and shrivelled up or something - I barely used any of it! x

    Elissa styleaffix.com

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  4. ah i forgot about these! i loved them xx

    em @ lipsticklives.blogspot.com


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