My love for fake tan has returned burning hot.
Having taken a break from the bottle for nearly two years, the storage box under my bed is full to the brim of half empty and full bottles of neglected fake tan, high end, low end, instant, moisturising, mousse, lotion 
- you name it, I have it in tan.

It is safe to say that since 2014 began, I have rekindled my love affair with fake tan and I have been keeping up to a new tan routine ever since.

I do have to admit that gone are the days of terribly applied tan circa 2010/11.
The way I apply tan these days must be better because my Mum hasn't passed comment as she was the first to tell me I looked 'orange' or 'muddy looking.'

I am currently using the Instant Self Tan Lotion from St Moriz, if you have been a long time reader of GGMH you will know that my love affair with the St Moriz dark mousse has be ongoing for many years.

These days I much prefer the tan in lotion form.
It is much less drying on the skin which is something that I found annoying when using the mousse.
The lotion is easier to apply and I believe it leaves a much more even tan application.

The mousse variant of this tan often left me looking muddy immediately after application however, the lotion leaves you good to walk straight out of the door as the colour is instant.

The shade that develops on my (uber pale) natural skintone is a deep, golden brown which I think is much better suited to my fellow Casper's as there isn't too much of a green undertone.

I am a lotion convert!

Have you ever tried the St Moriz lotion?

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