Saturday, 22 February 2014


Last week marked three years since that Valentine's day dumping, it got me thinking about this blog which started officially on that very day back in 2011.
If you want a good giggle you can head back in time three years to [THIS POST].

I had a good old root through my old posts last week and although many of them now make me cringe, it is really nice to look back on parts of my life and see what I was doing at that particular point in time.

I can't believe how much has changed and how much I have changed in three years, its madness, back then I was a super orange gal with overly drawn on eyebrows and short, red wavy hair.

After feeling all nostalgic I decided to treat you all today to my 10 most popular posts ever.
Some of these I wouldn't have chosen myself but according to stats, these are the 10 that you all loved the most.

September 2011
- This was a review of the Henara colour enhancing
shampoo and conditioner.

May 2013
- A little nosey around my favourite four corners of my bedroom.

July 2011
- My take on mud, wee, wellies and good music.
It's how to survive a

November 2011
- What I got up to when I turned 18 -my celebrations, my dress, my make-up.

March 2012
- I still wear this eye make-up, timeless and neutral.

August 2012
- Back when I was a fiery red head I used the Directions 'Paint Pots' to refresh my red,
see the before and after picture's in this post.

November 2012
- I can't really decide how I feel about reading this post now, at the time it was the most 
magical weekend in London.

October 2010
- I have no words for these ones guys.

August 2013
- My favourite baking experience EVER, I love these little tin cakes.

April 2013
- It is of no surprise to me that these posts are my most read posts ever, the feedback I got from you guys was amazing!
I can't wait to get on with my 2nd year experience later this year!

And there you have it 10 of the most popular posts from the past three years, I hope you have enjoyed looking back on them and maybe you remember some of the oldies.

I am so happy that GGMH is still alive and kicking in 2014 and I believe that it is better than ever.
Thank you for all of your continued support!



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    1. What a lovely way to celebrate your three years of blogging. I really enjoyed going through some of your older posts that I would probably have never seen otherwise. Despite the reasons why you started blogging something wonderful has come out of it :) Heres to another three years

      Jen x
      Bows Bangles & Bakes

    2. Thankyou so much for leaving this lovely comment :)
      Some of the oldies are really cringey but it's so nice to look back and think
      gosh was I doing that!

  2. I'm a second year Journalism student too and I've read your blog for years and I've really enjoyed reading your experiences, especially as I am going through them with you. Keep up the good work, you've done amazing :) xxx

    1. Awh fabulous, where do you study? Thankyou ever so much for sticking with me!
      Going to check out your blog now x

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