Ladies, I believe that I have found the answer.
Well, I can't exactly take full credit for this one as my best friend kind of pipped me to the post earlier last year however, I am going to be the one to introduce you to this fashion wonder.

Ever thought you would find a dress that makes you look and feel sexy, can be worn in the daytime, can be worn on a night out, can be dressed up, can be plainly accessorised, suits any figuire and costs less than a tenner?

No, I can't say I ever thought I would find the Mr Right of dresses either.

Allow me to introduce you to the Primark dress that sometimes costs £2, but at most costs a fiver.

What I love about this dress is the fit, it is so comfortable to wear and fits every occasion.

I suggest you take a wander down to Primark because every girl needs the dress in her wardrobe.

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