15 February 2014


I have to confess, I shopped in Primark last week.
Now, I believe there was a perfectly legitame reason, I was heading out on a day trip!

I wanted a certain kind of outfit, when I entered the shop I knew exactly what I wanted, how much I wanted to spend and oddly, the whole thing came together without me even leaving the ground floor of the store.

So to begin with the most exciting part THE COAT. 
Now, I know I already have my perfect, dream coat you can see that [HERE] but it is much too thick and furry for days when the temperature is a little warmer.

I have chosen my spring jacket which was down from £25 to £12!
It is made from a wooly feeling material, it has a hood for those spring showers but by far my favourite components are the gold hardwear buttons.

I bought a little maroon tea dress to wear with black, wool tights.
The dress was £2, it was the pattern that attracted me, it also comes in a blue variation.

I wore my purple, heeled boots from New Look and maroon ankle socks with white frills to complete the outfit.


  1. Lovely outfit, love the pattern on the dress :)

  2. Was this dress really only £2!?
    AS IF
    You look gorgeous, this outfit is so lovely.

    Kelly from | Day Dreams & Daisy Chains


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