I think I have found a miracle product!
Having only read the words Argan Oil I literally threw a little bottle into my basket whilst shopping in Primark last week.

I didn't really give it a seconds glance I just knew that I needed Argan oil for my uber dry ends, this came after you guys recommended it to me.

For £2.50 you can buy an 18ml Argan, Morrocan Oil shot.

It is intended to add shine and 'heal' dry, over processed ends by adding Keratin.

I like to use this product on both wet here before blow drying and also on dry hair.
 I find that the results are even better when the oil is used on dry hair.

Before I go to sleep, I apply a pea sized amount of product to the very tips of my hair where the strands have been subjected to the most bleach damage, I then pop my hair into a loose plait.

When I wake up and undo the plait the result are fantastic, my hair is much, much softer and brushes through without any frizz.

If I don't do the above process my hair is dry ball of frizz that is not only unworkable but also doesn't look very healthy.

I really recommend this oil as I noticed a difference in the ends of my hair after the second application.

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