Last week, for some unknown reason I put my hair through absolute hell.
I had almost 100% bleach on it one second, the next I had a baby blonde dye before finally setttling for what I should have done in the first place.

 I have warmed my blonde up which hopefully will make going blonder for summer much easier.
Due to me slapping on four dyes in two days my hair was begging for some nourishment.
The ends are looking appauling so I decided it was time to treat my locks with a little TLC.

All hail the most fantastic deep conditioning mask.
Herbal Essences - Bee Strong - Strengthening Intensive Mask

This product is intended for those on the moisture mend.
I apply a generous amount of the product and distribute it through my hair, concentrating on the ends and then leave it in for up to an hour.

Laced with honey and apricot it literally smells divine and leaves your hair scented like summer all day long.

This conditioner does it's job well, upon rinsing my hair doesn't feel weighed down, it feels deeply nourished and the dry ends look smoother and much more healthy.

I can't say that this mask fixes permananent hair damage but it certainly helps pat the nutrients back in!

The Bee Strong range is currently on sale in Superdrug. 
I bought mine for £1.69 which for 200ml is bargainous!

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