Today we are talking tools, the only tools that I have in my box.

Straighteners: Back in the day it was all about the ghds straighteners and that poker straight hair.
On my 13th birthday I wad gifted my first ever pair of ghds, they were matte black and I barely dared to over use them in fear that they would break and I would no longer hear that familar double beep.

For some reason my track record with ghds isn't good, my first pair decided to go bang whilst I was in America and my second pair one day decided to just stop working, they were my favourites, black covered in a grey damask print.

When I was 17, my hairdresser Jess told me that part of my fringe had snapped off.

"Snapped off? What do you mean? How? WHY?!:

Jess explained to me that years of straightener abuse caused my hair to literally break off, the shock caused me to there and then never touch a straightening iron again.

With my ghds dead and gone I invested in a cheap pair of straighteners from TK Maxx with the intention of using them once a blue moon which to be fair, isn't a lie, I use them once a month if that.

For £15.99 I bought a pair of Ionika chrome irons which should have been £60!
These straighteners are ah-mazing, they have a temperature gauge and run through your hair without pulling on the strands.
They heat up within 30 seconds and have never let me down, my hair is straight, smooth and lush within a few minutes.

Brush: Last year I bought a large paddle brush, also from TK Maxx because I loved the leopard print design, little did I know it was also made by Ionika.
I love how this brush leaves my hair frizz and knot free and also gives you a little scalp massage…
Cool huh?

Hairdryer: I have talked in depth about my Mark Hill - Little Hottie in [THIS POST] if you want to read more about it.
I have to say this is the most powerful little dryer ever!
DO NOT be fooled by its size..size isn't everything ladies.
Not only is it perfect for people who travel a lot like myself but it also blasts your hair dry in under 5 minutes, even mid to long hair.
There is also a cool setting for sleek locks.

What tools do you use to style your hair?
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