Clockwise from the top: Rimmel 'As you want Victoria' | MAC 'Girl about town' |
RMK '28 Rose' | MAC 'Big apple red'

A pop of colour on the lips is enough to turn anybody's frown upside down.
My hue of choice is pink, red toned pink to be precise.

I like to wear bright lipstick on a daily basis with complementary bronze/gold eye make-up.
I like the way lipstick makes my face look brighter and makes my teeth look whiter.

Today I am talking the creme de la crem of my lipstick collection.
These are the shades that I always turn to for any occasion as they never let me down.

The Sophisticated Lip: Sometimes an event arises whereby the big guns are called. Whether it is a presentation, a meeting or an interview there has to be a lipstick in every lippy lovers collection that can be called upon when things mean business. My sophisticated lip is 28 Rose by RMK. It is by far the most moisturising lipstick that I own and is warming against all skin tones due to the brown undertone of the red.

The Bold Lip: I don't believe that you can get much bolder than a hot, and I mean a hot pink lip. 'As You Want Victoria' from Rimmel is certainly that. It's juicy and it's brash, not only is the pigmentation ah-mazing but it is so moisturising and comfortable to wear. If you want to make a statement, make it with Victoria.

The Favourite Lip: I look at this lipstick with a heavy heart as it reminds me of a very happy summer in my life. The Carrie Bradshaw of the lipstick world,'Girl About Town' from MAC is not only a punch of sexy pink but a MAC shade that every girl should wear whilst sipping a cosmo. The amplified shade is uber moisturising and stays put on your lips for up to eight hours.

The Iridescent Lip: Now technically this lipstick is more of a red than a pink however it sits right on the border so I think we can make an allowance. This is the sophisticated occasion/big night out colour hybrid. The frost finish reveals tiny gold flecks between the lush deep pink/red colour. Ladies and gentlemen I offer you 'Big Apple Red' from MAC.

Do you have a lipstick that reminds you of somewhere, someone or something?
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