Eyeliner looks so sexy on most people and looks like a hot mess on me, see I have tiny eyelids and small eyes.
A stroke of black liner on my upperlash line pushes my eyeball further into my face and quite frankly makes me look ridiculous.

I wish that I could rock the feline flick, the grungy top liner but alas it just isn't for me.

Or is it?…

I have been recently giving liquid liner a go using the Umberto Giannini - Painted Lady - Feliner

I was only familiar with this brand as a producer of haircare products so I was quite interested to see how effective Umberto's dabble with make-up was.

The Feliner resembles a felt tip with a very precise tip, the liner is liquid based which for clumsy people like me is probably the best liner to use as any accidents can be quickly cleared up.
It is smooth to apply and your line work isn't jagged.

I have been using the chocolate brown shade as I feel it isn't quite as harsh applied onto my lids as a black perhaps would be.

The staying power isn't amazing as the line starts to fade after three to four hours.
Because of this, (and it is probably a good thing) the liner is very easily removed with cleanser and face wipes.

I think I may have to rock this look more often.

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