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This week has mostly been spent with some form of hair bleach on my head.
In a desperate bid to eradicate the orange in my hair, the whole of Monday AND Tuesday afternoon was spent with some form of dye on my head.
I'm surprised I haven't poisoned myself with the fumes!

I may finally have toned down the orange by using Nice 'n' Easy - Medium Ash Blonde' the crazy bright yellow has been counteracted and the orange much more subtle.
Of course my hair now feels like straw.

This week has been the week of friends, I made the decision to stay in Liverpool this weekend so that my friend Helen and I could hit the tiles for a boogie.
It's always nice to have a reason to get dressed up!

I spent Monday evening with my friend Hannah at The Hub Alehouse and Kitchen in central  Liverpool. 
I have to say, my food was very tasty however, Hannah's food arrived undercooked and we felt a little rushed as the manager wanted everybody out by 6pm for a staff party.

I can't belive that January is now gone, it only feels like two minutes ago that I was seeing in the new year and worrying what January would bring as I was in a bad place.
I have to say it has been surprisingly one of the best months and I have never felt better!
I found blogging everyday refreshing and I hope that you all enjoyed seeing daily content, I enjoyed it so much that I shall be continuing throughout February also.

And finally, I want to wish my Papa a happy birthday, he very sadly passed away last Autumn and yesterday would have marked his 87th birthday.
I miss him very much but it makes me smile to wonder what him and my Nana are up.

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