My week through Instagram:@goodgollymisshollie: The Ah-mazing Superdrug magazine | Was scouted for a new dating show | The Primark dress every girl needs | "AUNTIE KRIS, IT'S TODD KRAINES!" | Date night make-up | Sporting this T shirt all week | My friend Lauren's cat, Theo | York Minster | Possibly the coolest G&T glass?

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I can't quite believe that we are already six weeks into the year!

This week has been the quickest week ever albeit uber busy, On Wednesday I interviewed a really interesting man who battled extreme prejudice after being left with extremley slurred speech following a car accident 30 years ago.

In beauty news I have been wearing lilac lipstick all week, 'Dreamer' by Miners Cosmetics has been my firm favourite, I have also been lapping up the hair oils, frizzy dry ends no more. There will be a full review going up next week all about my new hair muse from Morrocan Oil.

Today is a total duvet day after such a busy week, plenty of hot cups of tea, p-jays and ofcourse Malteser mini bunnies which my best friend kindly bought me to cheer me up.

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