My week through Instagram:@goodgollymisshollie Yo Sushi Sunday's | Domino's monday | Glasses on, boy hoody, messy hair | #TBT at the Calendar news studios in 2011 | Pizza hut Thursday | Peanut butter fudge cake and chai latte at Rococco | Gnocci time | Valentine's card | I'm a lucky lady, my Valentine's dinner.

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It seems that this weeks Instagram collage is very foody.
Aside from eating (mainly pizza) I have had a lovely week.

My best friend and I took ourselves out to Yo Sushi for our Sunday dinner, I really recommend the Katsu curry with of course unlimited refills of Miso soup. 
Our sushi indulgence was washed down with endless cups of green tea to detox.
On Monday, we were slightly less healthy and ordered Domino's, naturally.

This week of course included the V day.
I approached the day pretty nonchalantly in regards to romantic love, I wanted to make it the day of reminding all my nearest and dearest how much I love them.
I was however pleasantly surprised to find a little romance was in the air.
I was a very lucky lady and had a scrumptious meal cooked for me.
I don't want to say too much but I have been the happiest I have been in a long,long time and there is somebody I have to thank for that.

Slush aside, I am home this weekend and it is sooo nice to see my family.
Home calls for a bubble bath and I have a Twilight bath bomb from Lush for just the occasion!

'Till next week.

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