My week through Instagram: @goodgollymisshollie: Arriving home to Strawberry Daquiri's | Reunited with my little Chappy cat | My pledge for university mental health awareness day | LOVING Kanye's proposal to Kim (sad to find out it was faked) | A night on the tiles with my best friend | Super happy to see Tati from GlamLifeGuru saw my tweet! | A new video on my Youtube Channel | Spring is on its way | Someones way of saying sorry

This week has been so topsy turvy having spent the first half of my week at home with my lovely family.
As you all know, I love going home as it's my happy place. 
I enjoyed catching up with my Grandparents for lunch and heading out for drinks with my old pal Jack.

It was strange returning to Liverpool on Thursday to head back to work, usually the weekend can only mean home time!

Having had some problems with the old wrist (again) I tried not to let it spoil my fun and took to the tiles on Friday night with my best friend.
I love getting glammed up and going for a dance, it really cheers me up.

Saturday was spent just relaxing and eating Nando's takeaway (ofcourse).
Next week will be busy busy with university work as I want to get all caught up before the beginning of next month..March?! Already?

You may have also seen this week that a new video went up on my channel!
 I was tagged by the beautiful Cole from her channel Coleyyyful to film 'The TMI TAG'
You can check that out down below.

'Till next week.

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