Top - Directions Paintpot 'Silver' | Barry M 'Mushroom'
Bottom - Phil Smith 'Dry Clean' |Witch 'Blemish Stick' | Anovia 'BB cream' |  Derma v10 'Luxurious lashes mascara'

It's that time again, monthly favourites and I cannot believe that it is the end of March!
This year is speeding frighteningly fast and unfortunately situations that I am dreading are pacing further and further towards me at a rapid rate of knots.

Anyway, enough of the upset lets talk beauty!

The Face: I wrote about my new found love for BB creams in [THIS POST]. I have been using the Anovia Skin Perfecting Blemish Balm daily and I love how even it makes my skin appear aswell as giving me a nice, natural glow of colour.

The Eyes: Another barginous, beauty product for you to have a try is one I had a love/hate relationship with when I first used it see [THIS POST]. I can say that my opinion has changed rapidly and I now really like how effective the mascara is. Not only do my lashes look longer but they also look voluminous and less sparse, for a budget mascara, it really does rival some of the higher end drugstore wands and formula's.

The Nails: A very unlikely favourite of mine is Mushroom by Barry M it can only be described as the colour of sludge but it looks SO sophistaced on the nails, the perfect grey/beige blend.

The Hair: I have recently been dabbling with hair toners my current favourite being Silver By La Riche - Directions. I apply a small amount to my everyday conditioner to maintain a white blonde as opposed to a yellow/orange toned blonde. For £2.99 you can't really go wrong as mixing it with a full tub of conditioner means that you get more for your money.

The Skin: With all of these stressful situations going on at the moment, my skin has gone wild! Breakouts appearing here there and everywhere. I have been using my Witch Blemish Stick on even the most ripe blemishes and within two days they have completely dissapeared. [FULL PRODUCT REVIEW HERE]

The Hair: Another favourite from the hair department is the Phil Smith Dry Clean dry shampoo. I love this as it is a spray formula as opposed to a powder therefore it blends into the hair better leaving it voluminous and refreshed.

What beauty products have you been loving in the month of March?


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This week has been full to the brim with mixed emotions but one thing is for sure I know I have some ah-mazing friends!

 I helped to organise a surprise 21st birthday party for my best friend managing to have her sister and one of her friends fly over from Ireland and majorly surprise her.

I did abit of a Heidi Montag (if you watch The Hills you'll know what i'm talking about here) and told Helen I would be super late to her meal, she was getting madder and madder with me as I kept telling her I was probably not going to make it in time, she had been sat in the restaurant for 2 hours waiting on me, but i'm sure she didn't mind when she saw who I eventually turned up with!

In beauty I have been LOVING the Maybeline Baby Skin primer that my friend Zoe gave me to try, I will be doing a full review on this very soon as I am still seeing if it is too good to be true!

Also this week I finally discovered the key to white hair and I can confirm that there is not one ounce of orange left!

Today I am headed out for a meal with my family for mother's day and catching up on everything I have missed at home as there is a ton of stuff! My parents are in the process of moving house so things are going to get frantic before life becomes calm again but I am sure I will bring you on the journey with me!

Happy Mother's day mum!
'Till next week



I will have to be honest, I never really took to the whole BB Cream hype when it exploded a few years a go now.

I feel like they are more suiting for somebody who prefers a much lighter coverage.
I myself would rather take the time to apply a foundation in the same time it would take me to smooth on a BB cream.

As I am sure you are aware BB creams are 'Beauty Balms' although some market themseleves as 'Blemish Balms'. 
They are intended to smoothen out the skintone in a light coverage cream.

I have recently been dabbling with the Anovia - BB Cream* which retails at 99p in Poundworld.

I have the medium to dark variant as I currently have on fake tan so it blends much nicer into my neckline.

The product states to even out the complextion, moisturise the skin and blur imperfections, all with SPF 15 UV protection.

I like to apply this product with my fingers to provide a light coverage on days when I am not doing anything special but my skin needs a little bit of something to stop me looking so rough.

The consistency of the balm is nice and moisturising and the pigmentation is not too orange or too dark which is I find to be a negative of most other beauty balms that I have tried.

I give this BB cream a huge thumbs up!
Which BB cream could you recommend?



I love trying out new beauty products, especially skincare as i'm always on the hunt to find interesting little miracle workers.

A few weeks ago I was introduced to Soothe-Me Skincare.
Soothe Me products are all handmade in London and contain natural bioactive ingredients.

I have been giving three products from the Soothe-Me range a try for the past month.

Rose Bloom Skin Tonic: I was excited about trying this product as it is marketed as a healing water for the skin to help balance hormones and ease anxiety, something that I REALLY need right now. The toner works to maintain the skins pH levels and can be used on all skin types. I love applying this product to my skin before bed as it is super refreshing and smells like a rose garden in bloom.

Olive Green Clay: I've never used a product like this before but I love the concept. The clay is mattifying, purifying and lifting on the skin aswell as being a natural remedy for acne prone skin and any scarred areas. The clay also helps to tighten pores and rebalances oil production, as somebody with combination to oily skin I was interested in seeing how the clay controlled oil production. I found this product quite messy to use and tricky as the clay is a loose powder but I put that down to the tiny sample pot I think in larger packaging this wouldn't be as much of an issue. After figuiring out how to use it correctly, I found that the clay did tighten my pores but also found it to be a little drying on my face. I liked how the clay lathered with warm water and did leave my skin feeling super soft. I recommend you use this after cleansing and taking off your make-up as it won't remove all of the product from your face.

Gorgeous Cream: This cream is one of Soothe-Me's hero products and I can see why. The product contains Rosehip that is naturally anti acne, it also contains Frankincense to help anti ageing.  I found the cream super moisturising and really brightened up my skin it also worked as a nice base for my foundation.

Have you ever tried Soothe-Me cosmetics?
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Bleaching your hair is never healthy therefore I have wanted to treat my hair to some intensive treatments.

Each week I have been popping an ultra deep conditioning masque onto my hair leaving it on for an hour at a time.

I have noticed that my hair is actually now in fairly great condition after having a good cut and continuing looking after the dry ends with good hair products.

This week I used the Leo Bancroft Intense Mask for damaged hair that needs an intensive treatment.

The sachet was filled with enough product to cover my whole head of hair with a fair bit left over.

The product is very rich and having left it on for an hour my hair was left feeling super soft, looking lusturious and frizz free.

Do you recommend an intensive conditioning treatment for me to try?



I think it is safe to say that for me, Batiste steal my heart when it comes to dry shampoo.
As a creature of habit I am always inclined to pick up one of the Batiste variants.
However, things have had a little shake up in the haircare department and I have found a new favourite.

I have recently been using the Phil Smith Dry Clean revitalising dry shampoo on days between washes.

Not only does this product smell ah-mazing but it is also one of those dry shampoo's that comes in spray formulation and doesn't leave you looking like you've dropped talc on your head.

I would even go as far as saying that I wouldn't go back to Batiste!

Have you ever tried Phil Smith products?
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If I were to pick one beauty product that I would take to a desert island with me, it would be mascara.
I love how a lashing of mascara can transform tired eyes and generally make anybody look more presentable.

I am always on the look out for a new mascara to wow me, whether it be higher end drugstore or budget beauty prices, when it comes to mascara I am willing to spend that little bit more.

I am currently in a love affair with the No Clumps mascara from Collection
Therefore the new kid on the block was going to have to work hard to convert me.

I have recently been trying out the new and improved 
Volume and Length* mascara by Derma V10.

The wand itself is plastic which I myself prefer as it gives more control over the wand and prevents clumping.  The wand is slightly arched to shape your lashline so that you can really work the mascara from the roots.

The formula is okay, I find that it take a lot of coats to get the volume however the length is easily attainable in two stokes.

I did find a fair bit of transfer between coats as the forumulation is fairly wet so I recommend waiting a few seconds before starting your lower lashline or vice versa.

Overall, I like this mascara as a budget option however, for girls in a rush like me the transfer is a little messy, use this if you have time to clean up mistakes.

Have you ever tried a mascara from DermaV10?
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Since being back on the old self tan I have been on the look out for more and more fake tan brands to try.
We all know my love affair with the likes of Sunkissed and St.Moriz however I do believe the other budget beauty tans should have a fair look in.

When I attended the FABB event, 
(You can read all about that HERE)
my goody bag contained the Anovia 'Love the tan' - self tan moisturiser*
in the medium/dark variant.

The tan itself is intended to provide instant colour within three to four hours to create a natural look that wears off gradually.

The consistency of the tan is a super creamy moisturiser that is a dark chocolate colour upon application.
The tan dries instantly but does look a little orange on the skin, I applied two coats before rinsing the base tan off the following morning.

The colour when I first applied the tan was a lovely beig, natural looking tan and was the same after rinsing however, I found that the tan faded after one wash which seems to be the case with me, the tan just won't stick.

I didn't find any streaks had appeared and even though I am naturally very fair skinned, the medium to dark variant provided a lovely colour pay off.

The Anovia tan retails at 99p and is available in Poundland.

I really believe that the budget self tanners are rivaling the more expensive, high end brands?
What do you think?



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This week has been non stop, flat out, 24-7.
It is fast approaching exam season so I have been hibernating in the library trying to tidy up loose ends before revision fully kicks in later next month.

With this in mind I have been relying heavily on BB cream and one lashing of mascara to get me through the days looking half decent.
I have had the lurgy this week also due to being run down so it was important to keep my uber red nose looking less like Rudolph.

Friday brought around some super sad news that made the day turn from lovely to horrid within a minute however, my best friends have told me to not be dwelling on things and to keep smiling.
My lovely friend Hannah leant her ear to me and we went out for pizza and cocktails which really cheered me up.

In other beauty news next week I have a whole host of reviews on amazing budget beauty products that retail for a bargainous 99p so keep a look out for those!

'Till next week.



I've never really been one to jump onto the celebrity endoresed fragrance bandwagon, instead I prefer to stick to the classics.

It was however when I was introduced to Rogue by Rihanna that my opinion has been swayed.

The fragrance is described as the adventurous scent for the woman who radiates edginess and confidence but is also flirty and feminine. 

I would say this is my match made in perfume.

Rihanna says herself that: "People are always changing and evolving and with Rogue, my new fragrance, I wanted to switch it up to reflect who I am today. It's a personal fragrance that's more self aware. It's Rogue, it's me."

The scent is described as flirty, sensual and oriental with notes of bergamot, pink peppercornm jasmine, rose and plum with a sensual musk.

I love the bottle, it's hardy with the under spikes yet feminine with the rose gold touch.

Have you tried Rogue yet?


I originally bought the La Riche Directions colour toner in White Toner after reading a post from 30somethingmel.

I bought it before I bleached my hair again when my hair was more caramel and I wanted rid of some of the orange.
I can inform you that the orange was toned considerably after wearing the purple toner mixed with conditioner for an hour.

However, Mel informed me that it was better on bleached hair to get rid of orange, well seeing as though a stubbon bit of orange is still attached to the ends of my hair, I decided to give it a whirl on almost white hair.

I have to be honest, I barely noticed a different after leaving it on for the recommended 15 minutes however, I tried again leaving the toner (mixed with a spot of conditioner) on for an hour and the results were fantastic, the light pink toned orange dissapeared and replaced with a more ashy, dirty blonde colour.

Which toners have you tried on blonde hair?
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Last week i'd had enough.
My day was heading in a downward spiral from bad to worse and I just wanted to escape and have a little time to myself.

Having changed my hair a billion times recently, I walked past The Salon by Paul's Hair world in Liverpool city centre and headed inside to see if one of the stylists were in the mood to turn me blonder.

With my hair in such poor condition usually the hairdressers run away screaming and won't touch me however, a lovely lady named Amy said she would slot me in there and then in a bid to turn me blonder.

It all happened so fast and the next minute I was in the chair chatting to Amy whilst sipping tea and generally spending my morning in bleach in a bid to lift the orange out of the ends of my hair.

After bleach and an all over colour I am really happy with results, I have uber bright, blonde hair with only the tiniest speck of ginger that is still clinging on.
I don't know what Amy did but the way she cut and blowdried my hair was incredible, my hair is super soft, slick and much more choppy in style, it really is a style miracle.

I must admit I probably won't stay as white blonde and will most likely turn it a little more ashy as time goes on, but for now this blonde certainly is having more fun!



Whilst having a little scour around Bodycare yesterday I headed to the skincare section.
After being so impressed with the 99p Derma V10 day and night creams
(you can read more about those in THIS POST)
I wanted to have a look at other budget beauty skincare.

I like to take the first layer of my make-up off with a make-up wipe before cleansing and toning.
I have used a variety of different facial wipes but I haven't one that I would stick with religiously.

I bought the 69p quad pack of the Icare
Deep Pore Treatment Pads and decided to give them a go.

They intend to remove skin impurities with tea tree and help to prevent break-outs with witch hazel.

The pads themselves are much smaller than an average face wipe which means you do get through a few as one pad will only cleanse one area of your face at a time.
The pads hold quite a fair bit of product therefore they generously remove your make-up.

I can't say that my skin is any clearer solely because of using the treatment pads but I certainly prefer them in place of a regular facial wipe.

Have you ever given treatment pads a try?
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It is not often that I get excited about shampoo and conditioner, as long as they do their job I am not particually fussy with which brand I buy.

For the past few weeks I have been using a 99p duo from Bodycare.

The Macadamia Oil Extract shampoo and conditioner are literally the best hair care pairing that I have used in a long time.

The formulations smell delicious when applied through your hair and both products make washing my hair really easy as the shampoo detangles and the conditioner makes my hair feel uber soft and silky and that's coming from a girl who has had litres of bleach on her hair.

The shampoo was specially developed to revive hair for all types whilst trapping in moisture, the conditioner works in a similar way but is particually good for damaged/dry hair as it pats back the hydration into every strand leaving your hair frizz free and manageable post wash.

I really recommend you give both of these a go as they are so afforable yet do their job perfectly!

What do you think of oil based hair care?


Saturday afternoon was very exciting as it was the FABB Bloggers, Liverpool event.
My good friends Tor of ( and Ray of ( have been working hard putting on events for anybody and everybody who has a blog for the past 3 years now and their FABB Bloggers meet-up concept has taken off massively.

Their most recent event in Liverpool was held at Pan Am situated on the Britannia Pavilion on the famous Albert Dock.

I arrived early to give the girls a hand with goody bags and to catch up as I haven't seen them in over a year!
I last saw them at the FABB Bloggers Leeds event.

It wasn't long before everybody arrived and I went to check out which brands had set up camp for the afternoon.
I have a lovely time chatting to the ladies from Lush, Crystal Clear and Ark clothing as well as heading over to see Bruce from one of my favourite budget beauty brands Derma V10.

I was then treated to a lovely hand and arm massage with Lush, an amazing facial treatment with Crystal Clear and was gifted a gorgeous tunk dress from Handb@Ark Clothing.

After a swift change in the toilets I headed over to make-up artist Jen Hunter for a abit of lippy, she chose to pop on 'Believe' from Lush which is a beautiful spring, coral lip colour.

One of my lovely readers named Sarah came over to say hello, it was so nice to meet her.

I had a fantastic time at the event and we were all treated to a goody bag, if you want me to write full reviews on any of the products that you see below just let me know in the comments.
I'm sure some of the products will be popping up over the next few weeks anyway.

The amazing ladies at Crystal Clear, Espa and Derma v10 also treated us to some of their products to try.

AND as if that wasn't good enough, I also won a prize from the Twitter giveaway.

I have an amazing afternoon and I would just like to thank Ray and Tor once again for all of their hardwork in making it possible for us bloggers to attend events like this.
Look our for FABB coming to a city near you.

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