Whenever I have stayed in a hotel I have always had zero access to free internet, I either had to purchase a token at the reception or be restricted to a computer with only 60 mins internet access time..

A report by BDRC Continental1 has found that hotel guests believe a good wi-fi service is just as important as a good night’s sleep and I do agree, especially seeing as though I am a blogger!

Well lovely people, the Wi-fi gods have spoken and I have a piece of information that you may be interested in.

BT Wi-fi is now available for FREE at all Thistle hotels in the UK.
The Wi-fi provided in partnership with glh is fast and unlimited to guests at all Thistle hotels across the country.

Due to the rise in popularity of smartphones, the role of reliable Wi-fi has never been more crucial to hotel guests, as consumers want to be able to connect to the Internet anywhere.

 The 'one-click' service allows customers to log on to the Internet instantly, without the hassle of singing up and giving all their details.

BT was the first supplier of public Wi-fi over 10 years ago and was, therefore, the ideal partner for Thistle Hotels.

Happy wi-fing!
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