I think I have found a hair miracle.
As you may have seen, my hair has been going through a battering lately as I try desperately to perfect my ideal hair colour of dirty blonde/brown.
(Think LC)

All of the bleaching products that I have used have taken their toll on the ends of my hair and it is very dry.
On a whim I found a tiny bottle of the NUXE Hule Prodigieuse dry oil at the bottom of my beauty drawer and I decided to experiment.

Before I head to bed, I applied a tiny amount of the oil into my palms to warm it through before distributing it through the lengths of dry hair.
I then wrap my hair into a plait.

In the morning my hair is crazy soft and completely oil free, the ends of my frazzled locks looking shinier and healthier.

The Nuxe oil is multipurpose and can be used on your face and body aswell as your hair.
98.1% of the ingredients in the oil are of natural origin, it is a combination of plant oil and vitamin E to nourish and repair.

I really recommend you giving dry oil a try on your frazzled hair.

How do you nourish dry hair?

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