Top - Directions Paintpot 'Silver' | Barry M 'Mushroom'
Bottom - Phil Smith 'Dry Clean' |Witch 'Blemish Stick' | Anovia 'BB cream' |  Derma v10 'Luxurious lashes mascara'

It's that time again, monthly favourites and I cannot believe that it is the end of March!
This year is speeding frighteningly fast and unfortunately situations that I am dreading are pacing further and further towards me at a rapid rate of knots.

Anyway, enough of the upset lets talk beauty!

The Face: I wrote about my new found love for BB creams in [THIS POST]. I have been using the Anovia Skin Perfecting Blemish Balm daily and I love how even it makes my skin appear aswell as giving me a nice, natural glow of colour.

The Eyes: Another barginous, beauty product for you to have a try is one I had a love/hate relationship with when I first used it see [THIS POST]. I can say that my opinion has changed rapidly and I now really like how effective the mascara is. Not only do my lashes look longer but they also look voluminous and less sparse, for a budget mascara, it really does rival some of the higher end drugstore wands and formula's.

The Nails: A very unlikely favourite of mine is Mushroom by Barry M it can only be described as the colour of sludge but it looks SO sophistaced on the nails, the perfect grey/beige blend.

The Hair: I have recently been dabbling with hair toners my current favourite being Silver By La Riche - Directions. I apply a small amount to my everyday conditioner to maintain a white blonde as opposed to a yellow/orange toned blonde. For £2.99 you can't really go wrong as mixing it with a full tub of conditioner means that you get more for your money.

The Skin: With all of these stressful situations going on at the moment, my skin has gone wild! Breakouts appearing here there and everywhere. I have been using my Witch Blemish Stick on even the most ripe blemishes and within two days they have completely dissapeared. [FULL PRODUCT REVIEW HERE]

The Hair: Another favourite from the hair department is the Phil Smith Dry Clean dry shampoo. I love this as it is a spray formula as opposed to a powder therefore it blends into the hair better leaving it voluminous and refreshed.

What beauty products have you been loving in the month of March?
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