'Angel' from MAC was the first high end lipstick that I ever bought some six/seven years ago.
I bought it having read somewhere that it was a favourite of Kim Kardashian.
I wore the baby pink shade on my lips for years before casting it to one side and falling out of love with it.

When my hair was red the punchy pink clashed and looked a little strange however, since going blonde I have rekindled my love for the frost lipstick.

Angel is a strange kind of nude- pink and either suits you or it doesn't, I only find that it suits me when I have fake tan applied as it looks wishy washy and strange against my natural, pale complexion.

The soft, rosy pink is perfect for the spring time and is super moisturising and comfortable to wear on the lips. The pigmentation of Angel varies between sheer to semi opaque, you can layer the colour to become more dramatic.

Have you ever tried Angel?
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