Since being back on the old self tan I have been on the look out for more and more fake tan brands to try.
We all know my love affair with the likes of Sunkissed and St.Moriz however I do believe the other budget beauty tans should have a fair look in.

When I attended the FABB event, 
(You can read all about that HERE)
my goody bag contained the Anovia 'Love the tan' - self tan moisturiser*
in the medium/dark variant.

The tan itself is intended to provide instant colour within three to four hours to create a natural look that wears off gradually.

The consistency of the tan is a super creamy moisturiser that is a dark chocolate colour upon application.
The tan dries instantly but does look a little orange on the skin, I applied two coats before rinsing the base tan off the following morning.

The colour when I first applied the tan was a lovely beig, natural looking tan and was the same after rinsing however, I found that the tan faded after one wash which seems to be the case with me, the tan just won't stick.

I didn't find any streaks had appeared and even though I am naturally very fair skinned, the medium to dark variant provided a lovely colour pay off.

The Anovia tan retails at 99p and is available in Poundland.

I really believe that the budget self tanners are rivaling the more expensive, high end brands?
What do you think?

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