If you were to ask me what my favourite shop is I always thought that I would say Primark (of course) however, I think I would be lying.
TK Maxx is certainly where it's at when I look inside my wardrobe.
The majority of my dresses, shoes and handbags inparticular bought from the store.

Last week I popped in for a look and ended up buying a few things…naturally.

I currently have a foot ailment (caused by THESE Dr Martens) which means that any pair of shoes that I wear make walking painful.

I spotted a super cute pair of Firetrap boots in the size 5 section and decided to try them on thinking that ofcourse my foot would start sending shooting pains up my leg.

Amazingly, they fit nicely and make walking a little more bearable as my heel doesn't rub on the backs.

I love the boho style of these ankle boots with the cute cut out sides and chunky buckles, I could Sienna Miller rocking a pair.

I wasn't going to even look at the handbag section because I nearly always get carried away and spend a long time trying to justify buying one.
On this occasion I found one I really liked and er, bought it.

All hail the Steve Madden.
I am just about sick of lugging a huge handbag around, I want a small shoulder bag and that's what I got.
This little bolster bag has two shorter handles and a long shoulder strap. I love the outside pocket and the combination of black and tan leather.
The bag itself is really light to begin with so even when loaded with everything I haul around it is still light and easy to carry.

Have you spotted any gems in TK Maxx recently?
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