It is not often that I get excited about shampoo and conditioner, as long as they do their job I am not particually fussy with which brand I buy.

For the past few weeks I have been using a 99p duo from Bodycare.

The Macadamia Oil Extract shampoo and conditioner are literally the best hair care pairing that I have used in a long time.

The formulations smell delicious when applied through your hair and both products make washing my hair really easy as the shampoo detangles and the conditioner makes my hair feel uber soft and silky and that's coming from a girl who has had litres of bleach on her hair.

The shampoo was specially developed to revive hair for all types whilst trapping in moisture, the conditioner works in a similar way but is particually good for damaged/dry hair as it pats back the hydration into every strand leaving your hair frizz free and manageable post wash.

I really recommend you give both of these a go as they are so afforable yet do their job perfectly!

What do you think of oil based hair care?
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