I originally bought the La Riche Directions colour toner in White Toner after reading a post from 30somethingmel.

I bought it before I bleached my hair again when my hair was more caramel and I wanted rid of some of the orange.
I can inform you that the orange was toned considerably after wearing the purple toner mixed with conditioner for an hour.

However, Mel informed me that it was better on bleached hair to get rid of orange, well seeing as though a stubbon bit of orange is still attached to the ends of my hair, I decided to give it a whirl on almost white hair.

I have to be honest, I barely noticed a different after leaving it on for the recommended 15 minutes however, I tried again leaving the toner (mixed with a spot of conditioner) on for an hour and the results were fantastic, the light pink toned orange dissapeared and replaced with a more ashy, dirty blonde colour.

Which toners have you tried on blonde hair?
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