20 March 2014


Last week i'd had enough.
My day was heading in a downward spiral from bad to worse and I just wanted to escape and have a little time to myself.

Having changed my hair a billion times recently, I walked past The Salon by Paul's Hair world in Liverpool city centre and headed inside to see if one of the stylists were in the mood to turn me blonder.

With my hair in such poor condition usually the hairdressers run away screaming and won't touch me however, a lovely lady named Amy said she would slot me in there and then in a bid to turn me blonder.

It all happened so fast and the next minute I was in the chair chatting to Amy whilst sipping tea and generally spending my morning in bleach in a bid to lift the orange out of the ends of my hair.

After bleach and an all over colour I am really happy with results, I have uber bright, blonde hair with only the tiniest speck of ginger that is still clinging on.
I don't know what Amy did but the way she cut and blowdried my hair was incredible, my hair is super soft, slick and much more choppy in style, it really is a style miracle.

I must admit I probably won't stay as white blonde and will most likely turn it a little more ashy as time goes on, but for now this blonde certainly is having more fun!



  1. I really love it, looks really lovely! It's so nice to have a change sometimes x

  2. Looks awesome! =) The hairdresser did a fab job! =)

    Sal/ http://novarellie.blogspot.com.au

  3. Ah I love your new blonde hair! So gorgeous x

  4. You suit the blonde so much!! keep it :D


  5. Looks absolutely gorgeous! It's such a nice feeling when you've just got your hair done :)
    I go to Liverpool a fair amount as my mum lives up North so might have to check this salon out.
    Jo x
    Your Average Jo


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