As I look out of my window the sky is a brilliant blue, there are only a few fluffy white clouds and the sun is shining.
Spring are you on your way?

Even if the weather is deceiving us, I had a good old root through my nail polish collection today to see which colours I could adorn my nails with in an ode to the spring time.

The Pastel Purple: I love wearing lilac on my nails, I think the shade is feminine and looks seriously pretty even on short nails and especially in the spring time. Nice is Nice from Essie is a beautiful matte, pastel lilac that takes around 3-4 coats before becomming opaque on the nails. The formulation is nice however, I find that it is prone to chipping if like me you spend a lot of time hammering the keyboard.

The Secret Shimmer: Pink toned purple is probably one of favourite nail colours to wear, it is so easy to wear against a variety of skintones and looks great on both longer and shorter nails. One of my favourite budget options within this colour family is No.21 from London Girl. The polish itself contains a very, very subtle purple shimmer that is only apparent on the nails in a certain light. I found the formula became opaque in two coats and was chip free for up to four days.

The Hot Pink: This nail polish will long be one of my firm favourites, No.23 from Sinful Colours is a seriously sexy,hot pink that is not only opaque in one coat but dries ridiculously quickly, 30 seconds and you're good to go. You can find Sinful Colours in Poundworld.

The Blue Sparkle: I love We're in it together by Essie it is a beautiful, baby pink with very tiny flecks of blue sparkle which make your nails look elongated. Again, I find with all Essie polishes that on me they are prone to chipping. I think I have had this polish on for up to four days without it chipping which is record. 
What are your favourite spring nail polishes?
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