Whilst having a little scour around Bodycare yesterday I headed to the skincare section.
After being so impressed with the 99p Derma V10 day and night creams
(you can read more about those in THIS POST)
I wanted to have a look at other budget beauty skincare.

I like to take the first layer of my make-up off with a make-up wipe before cleansing and toning.
I have used a variety of different facial wipes but I haven't one that I would stick with religiously.

I bought the 69p quad pack of the Icare
Deep Pore Treatment Pads and decided to give them a go.

They intend to remove skin impurities with tea tree and help to prevent break-outs with witch hazel.

The pads themselves are much smaller than an average face wipe which means you do get through a few as one pad will only cleanse one area of your face at a time.
The pads hold quite a fair bit of product therefore they generously remove your make-up.

I can't say that my skin is any clearer solely because of using the treatment pads but I certainly prefer them in place of a regular facial wipe.

Have you ever given treatment pads a try?
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