I find the deal with facial tanners an odd one.
My best friend can apply fake tan to her face and even with foundation on top, you can tell that she has tanned her face.

With me the story is quite different, my foundation seems to rub all of the tan off and the amount of skincare products I use tend to take off the product within a day regardless.

I recently discovered the St Moriz Medium Matte Face Tan, now I have to say this product and I get along nicely but not in the right way.

The formula itself is really smooth and easy to blend onto the face however, I find that the pigment makes me muddy looking and when layered with my foundation my complexion looks uneven.
As it is wash off the results aren't long lasting and multiple applications are required.

I have found this product to be similar to the Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan also in the shade medium matte.

When used in the same way as an all over tan the results are great, the tan is even, streak free and water resistant (if like me you are partial to spilling a few drinks down yourself on a night out).

This is a brilliant tanning product if you want your tan to last for one night only, I found that it had faded after 6-7 hours after initial application and was completely removed after a shower.

If you want a discounted version of the Rimmel Sun Shimmer which is quite pricey at around £6 then this St Moriz product is for you.

What experience have you had with facial tanners?

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