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This week has been non stop, flat out, 24-7.
It is fast approaching exam season so I have been hibernating in the library trying to tidy up loose ends before revision fully kicks in later next month.

With this in mind I have been relying heavily on BB cream and one lashing of mascara to get me through the days looking half decent.
I have had the lurgy this week also due to being run down so it was important to keep my uber red nose looking less like Rudolph.

Friday brought around some super sad news that made the day turn from lovely to horrid within a minute however, my best friends have told me to not be dwelling on things and to keep smiling.
My lovely friend Hannah leant her ear to me and we went out for pizza and cocktails which really cheered me up.

In other beauty news next week I have a whole host of reviews on amazing budget beauty products that retail for a bargainous 99p so keep a look out for those!

'Till next week.

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