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This week has been full to the brim with mixed emotions but one thing is for sure I know I have some ah-mazing friends!

 I helped to organise a surprise 21st birthday party for my best friend managing to have her sister and one of her friends fly over from Ireland and majorly surprise her.

I did abit of a Heidi Montag (if you watch The Hills you'll know what i'm talking about here) and told Helen I would be super late to her meal, she was getting madder and madder with me as I kept telling her I was probably not going to make it in time, she had been sat in the restaurant for 2 hours waiting on me, but i'm sure she didn't mind when she saw who I eventually turned up with!

In beauty I have been LOVING the Maybeline Baby Skin primer that my friend Zoe gave me to try, I will be doing a full review on this very soon as I am still seeing if it is too good to be true!

Also this week I finally discovered the key to white hair and I can confirm that there is not one ounce of orange left!

Today I am headed out for a meal with my family for mother's day and catching up on everything I have missed at home as there is a ton of stuff! My parents are in the process of moving house so things are going to get frantic before life becomes calm again but I am sure I will bring you on the journey with me!

Happy Mother's day mum!
'Till next week

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