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This week has been non stop crazy with work, university deadlines and life.

I decided to hit the bottle of dye again this week mixing a concoction of different colours.
Look out next week for a blog post on that if you're interested in seeing yet another dye job.

I cannot believe that it is March already, the past two months have seriously flown by.
I blogged everyday again in February which is something I am really proud of, I am going to endeavour to do the same in March also, I hope you're excited as I have some funky posts planned this month.

I had a telephone interview regarding my summer internship this week also, I think it went well so fingers crossed that I hear more soon, a few of you have asked me about it and I will be writing a blog post on the whole story soon.

Friday rolled around and I decided to head back home for a rest, last night called for curry night with my mum and dad and I have to say, some serious food babies were going on whilst watching The Voice.

This week I have been loving my fleeced, gilet from Primark, it is sooo comfortable and warm to wear.
I have the dark blue colour way and it looks great with a cream jumper layered underneath for extra snugness.

Beauty wise I have been sporting smokey green eye makeup and griege nails, quite a different look for me.

Tomorrow I am going to crack open the bottle of St Moriz fake tan as I have been feeling a little under the weather and pasty recently, surely a golden glow can make me feel better!

'Till next week.

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