Is it just me or is something seriously spooky going on?
I am struggling to believe that it is the first of May tomorrow?!
Yes, crazily the year has sprinted along to the most dreaded month in any students academic life.
Tomorrow I shall be sitting my first exam in the reporting of UK Politics.
Great fun!

Anyway back to beauty…
I can't say that I have made any terribly exciting beauty discoveries this month but I have found some little gems that I have been reaching for day in day out.

The Cleanser: I talked about the Derma V10 Cleansing Milk in [THIS POST] it is a super affordable cleanser (99p!) that removes even the most stubborn of make-up in one swipe with a cotton pad.
I think this cleanser is perfect for when you are travelling or at a festival as it doesn't require water to make it work. I like to use this before I cleanse my face with a hot cloth and a balm cleanser as it removes and dissolves the first layer of make-up quickly which in turn speeds up your entire skincare routine.

The Hair Toner: I first saw the Live Color XXL mousse toner in a magazine and I was interested to see how it worked as my naturally brunette hair tries very hard to break through my faux blonde shade. I bought the colour M002 'Champagne Blonde' which is for eliminating brassy tones from blonde. This product gets a huge thumbs up from me! [FULL REVIEW HERE]

The Bronzer: I popped home a few weeks ago and ended up having a good old root through my beauty drawers. I ended up stumbling across a very old favourite of mine, the Elizabeth Arden Bronzer. This bronzing powder is so finely milled that you only need a tiny amount on the end of your brush to become an instant bronze goddess. I talked about it a few years ago in [THIS POST].

The Blush: As you can probably tell I have become a little cheek obsessed in the month of April. I am usually one to take or leave blush as it tends to make me look a little ruddy as I already have a lot of red pigmentation within my complexion. Using a MAC 130 mini stippling brush I have been applying a tiny amount of the light pink Stargazer blusher to the apples of my cheek giving my face a lovely glow.
I talked about more Stargazer make-up products in [THIS POST]

The Face: I hate to be one of those to jump on the hype with certain products however, I simply had to when it came to this Rimmel Stay Matte powder. I am not onto my second pot and it is just the perfect product for dusting over your foundation to set it or for mattifying any shiny areas you may develop throughout the day. I love it as the powder distributes a little colour to warm up worn off make-up.

Which beauty products have you been loving this month?



Anti Frizz products have been at the top of my hair care hit list recently as my super dried out hair needs a little loving.
I have recently discovered the Align 12 protective smoothing lotion from Redken and my hair has stayed pretty much frizz free for nearly a fortnight now.

As with most anti frizz products you apply the product to damp hair, distributing it evenly throughout the ends of your hair where frizz tends to appear most.

Not only does this product smell amazing but it is also non greasy so if you do need to apply some product around your hairline, it won't cause a greasy mop.

Another good element of this product is that it doubles up as a heat protecting gel when you have to get out the hairdryer.

The results of the Align 12 usually last between washes okay I find that by two days post wash I am needing to apply a little more product to tame the unruly, crazy hairs.



Last week I was waiting for an appointment for a blood test, safe to say I was feeling rather nervous as I had a bad experience with one a few years ago.

Instead of sitting calmly in a coffee shop gathering my thoughts and psyching myself up, I decided to hit the shops of course.
Who says retail isn't therapy?

The first place I went was Primark..naturally.
My local Primark at home is super tiny and only carries a handful of the full range therefore you are often hard pushed to find something amazing.

I ended up going off on a really casual tangent and I bought this super casual grey t-shirt with rolled up sleeves. I think this looks really effortless when thrown on with my next purchase which was some
super skinny, light blue jeans.
They are a little plain for my liking so I might take the scissors to them to give them a few rips and scuffs.

I then spotted something ridiculously neon out of the corner of my eye.
I think this is supposed to be a beach cover-up but as you may have seen on Instagram I wear it as an everyday dress.

Photo take from my Instagram: @goodgollymisshollie

Finally, the sun was shining and I have to say that it was warm outside.
After a little browse in TK Maxx I found some sandals that looks beaten up and rock 'n' roll.
So I bought them.
They are by a brand called Refresh and I think they are the ultimate casual, bo-ho sandal which I can't wait to pair with maxi dresses and shorts in the summer.

After a swift outfit change in the Costa Coffee toilets I popped off to my blood test and I have to say, it was easy peasy!



My week through Instagram: @goodgollymishollie  Having cuddles with my friend Lauren's cat Theo | Trying out the Bblonde 'Champagne blonde toner' | Blast from the past, Bratz dolls | Michael Kors high tops | Theo and Suki having a snuggle | My current read | The NICEST sandwhich ever! | Hello Kitty easter egg | Warm enough for this attire

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Aside from the hellish exam revision that I am currently commiting up to 10 hours a day to, I have had quite a lovely week, spending time with some really great people.

I spent Easter Sunday with my gorgeous friend Lauren and her beautiful kitty cats, her dad cooked a scrumptious roast dinner and we settled in for the night under a blanket with plenty of chocolate.

Monday was spent hard at it on my politics revision in the library however, Tuesday made up for it when Lauren, Laura and I headed into our usual haunt Rococo for hot chocolate and extra buttery teacakes.
I spent Tuesday evening with my friend Peter gossiping over a cheeseboard and rose wine.
I must say by the time Wednesday rolled around for work, my head was feeling a little sore.
But that didn't stop me easing a tough eleven hour revision session with cocktails at the Albert Dock Revolution's on Thursday!

I was also a little naughty this week after wandering into TK Maxx on a whim, I ended up leaving the store the proud owner of some Michael Kors shoes.
(More on those coming up next week.)

In beauty news I have been trying out another toner for blonde hair which you will also be able to see more of on here soon.

Although there is a grueling exam looming at the end of next week, I am actually headed to London tonight for a few exciting reasons which I will tell you more about in nexts weeks edition of The Week. 

I have to head out for the coach at half past 2 this morning so I have a ton of coffee by my side to keep me awake!

And finally, As today is her special day, I would like to wish my amazing Grandma a very happy birthday.

'Till next week!




I know that this is a beauty product that has been raved about in the bloggersphere and it deserves every piece of praise written about it because it is ah-mazing!

I use the shade 001 - Transparent to set my foundation/concealer in place and to give my face a nice matte finish without adding any colour.
As a gal with oily/comb skin it works a treat for when your skin is looking a little shiny and a touch up is in order .

The powder is very finely milled so you have none of that cake face business going on just a lovely flawless finish!



I asked on Twitter last week if anybody would like to see a full post on my hair transition
from bright red to bright blonde.
As a lot of you have been following my hair journey I had a huge response and yes of course you wanted to see all the crazy things that I have done to my hair over the past few months!

I of course do not recommend that you put your own hair through all of this hell as it is extremley damaging, I am lucky that I have seriously robust hair but the damage is still done!

The madness all started the week before Christmas 2013 when my long term relationship ended.
I don't know about you, but when a relationship ends I want to do something with my hair to make me look different.
I'd had the same mahogany/red hair the whole time I was in the relationship and it was knocking on towards five years of sporting the shade.

Blonde is the only hair colour I have never had so after making the decision to try blonde there was no stopping me.

Here is my hair before the bleach:

November 2013

It has many years worth of red dye loaded onto it however, the last red that I ever used was the L'Oreal Feria - Spice Power shade.

I then bought ColourB4 in the maximum lifting variant, the Jerome Russell Bblonde - Maximum Lightening Kit and a Superdrug - Medium Ash Blonde dye.

This in turn turned my hair colour this colour which is a light strawberry blonde shade with A LOT of orange in it.

January 2014

By February I figuired it was time to hit the dye bottle again!
I bought the Nice and Easy - Medium Ash Blonde dye
And the colour looked like this:

February 2014

It was at this colour stage that I kind of abandoned my blonde ambition and decided I wanted to go for a more grown out - Lauren Conrad colour hair which is essentially light brown hair with blonde highlights and lowlight.
I bought a light brown dye and another medium ash blonde and got to work.

The beginning of March 2014

Looking back, I think this colour looks lovely and not at all bad for a home hair dye jobby however, I obviously wanted to start my quest for bleach blonde hair again as I took to the hairdressers later that month and had the whole lot bleached!

The end of March 2014

After striving to get rid of the warmth in the ends of my hair, the colour fluctuated through a number of ash blonde shades (with some nightmare's along the way as you can see below)
And finally, we arrive at today

I am FINALLY blonde and I love the colour!


Co-washing appeared on the beauty scene some time ago now, for anybody who hasn't come across the term yet it simply means 'conditioner washing.'
I myself have never really embraced the trend but since reading a little more about it in a magazine, I was interested to see what it would do for me.
In traditional co-washing you wash your hair with conditioner only however, I read recently that the new co-wash is to condition your hair, shampoo and THEN condition again.

It all sounds bonkers really but I gave it a go to see what the results were like on my hair.

I started by conditioning my hair with my usual conditioner from Pro-Voke, followed by shampooing with my silver, toner shampoo also from Pro-Voke.

I found that my hair dried much more voluminous as opposed to flat and lank and also felt oddly much, much softer, I can't say that I will be washing my hair this way every time, but for a little oomph it's a handy little trick.
Have you ever tried co washing?


If like me you have naturally very pale skin, blonde hair can make you look ill. 
Since my hair has become progessively lighter, I have had to shake up my make-up a little in order to make my hair colour complement my skin tone a little more.

I have found through trial and error that dark liner and dark eye make-up makes my face look harsh instead, I opt for warm brown and gold toned eyeshadow and liner. These colours warm up my face much more than the cooler tones and in turn complement my lighter hair better.

I have naturally dark eyebrows so I tend to not fill them in as structured, instead I sweep a medium brown shade through the natural angles of my brows, keeping them soft.

On my face I stick to a neutral base with a peach blush as opposed to a pink blush as pale skin makes blemishes and redness look even more red.
Neutral shades are the best for blonde hair and fair skin to counteract this problem.

On my lips I think a striking pop or red or hot pink looks amazing against pale skin and light hair as it is vibrant and pulls the attention to the face as a whole.
In the daytime I like to go with a peach toned lip colour as pale pink looks a little too Barbie-esc and again washes the colour from your face.

Which shades would you recommend for fair skin and light hair?


Over processed hair is dry and hates nothing more than being blow dried.
I try to let my hair dry naturally when I can however as we all know, this is not always possible.
I need a select few products to helo keep the dry frizz at bay.

I use the John Frieda - Frizz Ease - Hair Serum after conditioning my hair.
You use it sparingly on soaking wet hair and avoid using it near the roots.
This acts as a miracle product for when it comes to blow drying your hair, frizz be gone!

Secondly I find that after washing my hair it tends to sit a little lank and lifeless, I use theAveda - Pure abundance - Style Prep Spray by applying a few sprays to damp hair before combing through with a wide tooth comb. The effects, more voluminious yet weightless blow dried hair!



I have seen this TAG floating around Youtube for quite some time, although only recently have I seen the bloggy version pop up on my Bloglovin' feed.
Today we are taking a break from beauty reviews to make way for the Beauty Scenario's TAG which I believe was created by Lily Pebbles.

I TAG you all to answer the questions on your blog or channel, I love hearing other peoples answers so if you have already done this TAG, leave me a link below.

Q: You have to get rid of all your foundations and you can onle keep one high end and one drugstore, which do you keep?
A: After a huge clearout last year, my beauty drawer is looking pretty bare in regards to numerous foundations as I got rid of six bottles!
I would keep my MAC - Studio Fix Fluid as my high end option and I would certainly keep my Collection - Lasting Perfection Foundation as my drugstore option as that is my favourite foundation ever.
Q:You go for an interview and the lady interviewing you has lipstick on her teeth. Do you approach the subject or ignore it completely?
A: In a formal interview situation I probably wouldn't say as it could be a little embarrasing for her, although awkward still if she realised I hadn't told her!
Q: You're not feeling yourself and need a pick me up.
Which lipstick do you put on to make yourself feel beautiful?
A: MAC - 'Girl about town' without a doubt!
Q: You go back in time for a day to your teeenage years, how would you do your hair and makeup different?
I would absolutely not wear super thick liquid liner all around my eye socket and the black lipstick, NO! In regards to my hair I wouldn't have cut it super, super short in a Victoria Beckham style 'pob' instead I would have left it long.

Q: You ask your hairdresser for a shoulder length Pixie Lott har cute, but they hear wrong and give you a pixi cut. Do you:
 A) Smile, say thank you, leave and call your mum hysterical?
B) Cry in the chair and things get awkward?
C) Compain to the manager and demand a refund.
A: I know I would cry in the chair and things would get awkward BUT I would have stopped the stylist when I saw all of my hair being lopped off!

Q:Your friend surprises you with a 4 day city break and you have 1 hour to pack.
Which 'do it all' palette do you pack in your makeup bag?
A: For my eye make-up, the Urban Decay  - Naked Palette 1 of course!

Q: Your house has been robbed, don't worry everyone is safe but your beauty stash has been raided. What's the product you really hope is safe?
A: The perfume that my Nana used to wear Dior - Miss Dior.

Q: Your friend borrows your make-up and returns it in awful condition.
Do you:
A)Just pretend you haven't noticed?
B) Ask them to re purchase?
C) Secretly do the same to something of theirs?
A: I would ask them to re purchase, how disrespectful of them!


My week through Instagram: @goodgollymisshollie Sunday morning Stylist | My new sandals | Reunited with my mum and Chappy | #tbt holiday 2001 | Pizza in the sunshine | A view I will miss | Back to Liverpool | My lovely Grandma | Magazines and tea in the sunshine

* * * * * * * * * * *

This week has been the weirdest week ever and never in my life have I felt so odd!
I spent the start of the week at home with my lovely family, catching up most importantly with my Grandparents. 

We spent the whole afternoon in the garden soaking up the sunshine, reading the paper and drinking shandy. I love my grandparents very much and they remind me all the time that life is so short and to always tell the people you care most for that you love them!

I then for some reason decided to make a return back to Liverpool and although it feels like I am snowed under with work and nobody is around to keep me company I have been blessed to spend time with my gorgeous friend Laura we spent Good Friday hitting the shops and eating yummy pizza at Pizza Express.

I feel abit weird at the moment as I don't really have finishing date here in Liverpool and i'm just waiting to get my booty down to London as well as moving house at home.

It's all abit crazy and to top it off a boy has been mean to me again.
Seriously ladies, boys can be mean, mean creature's!

And on that note, I shall see you next Sunday!



I told you all a little while ago that I had wiggled back into a self tan routine after years of having a tan free break.
I have spoken about many fake tans on GGMH before but rarely about the only fake tan that I repeatedly buy.

Bronze Ambition by Creightons has been a long standing favourite of mine as it is bargainous and brillaint.

The tan itself is a mousse that applies directly to your skin the colour in the final colour, I wouldn't say that this tan particulally develops it just immedietely looks deep and dark and lasts for up to five days streak free.

This is the only fake tan that I have ever used that smells delicious too, it smells fruity and leaves a sweet lingering scent on your skin as opposed to that biscuity smell.

I really recommend the Bronze Ambition tan if you are wanting an instant tan with lasting results that even smells nice!

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A few weeks ago I saw on advert in a magazine advertising a new toner from the Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL range. As you know, I have always thought there was room in the market for an affordable, accessible toner for blonde hair.
I spotted the £4 toner in Boots last weekend and I knew that I had to give one a try as I am constantly trying to maintain my blonde hair. There are two choices of toner in the range. M01 for ice platinum blonde (eradicates yellow tones) and M02 for champagne blonde (eradicates brassy tones.)

Seeing as though my hair has been on the edge of silvery grey for some time now I wanted to give the champagne blonde toner a try as the colour output looked the most appealing and my hair is made up of mostly brassy tones. You can use this toner on bleached, coloured or natural blonde hair and it intends to neutralise brassy tones for pure blonde hair as well as adding moisture and shine.

The formula itself is a white mousse that you apply directly to towel dried hair. The product is reusable based on the length of your hair, I have mid to long hair and I managed three full head applications.You leave the product on for 15 minutes if you are using M02 (Leave M01 on for 5) before rinsing and conditioning as normal.

Upon rinsing I found that my hair was super soft and not left overly dry like other toners have done. When I dried my hair I loved how the toner had blended out the silver on the top of my head and balanced it to a similar shade to the stained lengths of my hair.
I would really recommend this toner if you want an easy to use, affordable and accesibile toner for your blonde hair.



With exams and deadline's popping up left right and centre I haven't really had the opportunity to wear glamourous make-up.
Instead I have been opting for my usual quick and easy, five minute look.

On my face I like to keep it simple with a quick buffing of the Collection 'Lasting Perfection' Foundation followed by a good amount of my Glo Minerals concealer to hide all of the dark circles and bags underneath my eyes from all of that studying of course!

A pop of Stargazer blush completes my face make-up with a pop of pink colour to make me look a little more glowing rather than sallow.

Instead of taking the time to powder in my brows I give them a super quick once over with the Maybelline 'Brow Drama'.

Finally, on my peepers I apply Green Smoke from MAC all over my eyelids with Blitz and Glitz gel liner in my tightline and waterline.
Finally, a lashing of the Derma V10 - Volume and length mascara and i'm outta the door.

Simple and smokey!
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Slap me on the wrists i've done it again!
Yes, I headed into TK Maxx last week and I bought a handbag.
Well, I have to say it is a rather gorgeous piece of arm candy!

Last year when I worked at Made in Leeds my manager was a gorgeous girl named Zoe with incredible sense of style, she was the ultimate bo-ho, hippy chic.
After working alongside her for a few months I started to encorporate some of her style weapons into my own day to day look.

One thing Zoe always had with her was a drawstring bucket bag from Fossil which I always had my eye on.

After wondering into TK Maxx I came across a similar style of bag and I knew I had to have it as an ode to Zoe.

The bag itself is a soft leather pouch bag with both a clasp and a drawstring fastening.
There were various differing sizes of the same bag but I liked the little one because it's cute and easy to carry.

The brand of the bag is Brampton London which is a british leather house located in Shoreditch, East London with the designers using the local cobbled streets, retro shops and vintage boutiques as inspiration.

This bag is like the tardis, don't be fooled by its tiny exterior, it can fit a whole host of goodies inside!


I have something a little bit different for you all today.
 Beauty that best describes me
Here are four beauty products that I would say best describe me, not only are they my personal favourites but they are also the products that I repurchase over and over again.

The Perfume: If there were a scent to describe me it would always be Yves Saint Laurant - Cinema - I have worn this perfume since I was ten years old when my dear Nana took to Boots to buy it for me. Everybody knows me by this scent and it is just delicious, glamourous and sexy. It is an oriental, floral fragrance that is described by YSL as a volumptuous scent with a flamboyant character.

The Eye Make-up: More often than not I will be wearing Green Smoke eyeshadow from MAC on my eyelids which looks a little something like [THIS]. I like my eye make-up smokey, green and grey - kind of like my eyes! For me it is all about a smudged green shadow with lashings of mascara and layers of liner.

The Hair: Since becoming a full time blondey, yes the days of being inbetween are long gone and I would now say I have earnt my stripes in the club. To maintain a glossy, white blonde colour I use the Pro-Voke Touch of Silver - Optical Brightening Shampoo twice a week. This super strong violet toning shampoo keeps my blonde bright and brass free. I talked about it more indepth [HERE]

The Lips: Bright lips, I have to say are my thing I love nothing more than a pop of colour on my lips to brighten up my make-up. My favourite go to colours are of course hot pink, yes MAC Girl About Town I am looking at you and bold red, my favourite being a £1 lippy from MUA in shade 13.

The Nails: My first dabble with black laquer was when I was on holiday aged 14. I was going through a gothic phase and my mum would always say my nails look disgusting. Since then I barely go a week without a splash of black on my nails, my favourites being the super glossy, blacks. LC style.

What are your four defining beauty products?



If there were one hair dye that my friends had recommended to me numerous times it would be this one.
I was told that I would never look at another hair dye again after giving this one a try.

With this in mind, last week I headed into Superdrug (to the hairdye section of course) and headed straight to the Schwarzkopf - Colour mask dye which retails at a bargainous £4.
(Even cheaper than Superdrug's own brand dye which I have talked about HERE)

The colour mask dye's are the first hair mask colourants that are apparently as easy to use as a hair mask and to some extent I would agree as you are provided with a little pot to dunk your hands in to gather product which makes it super easy to distribute with your fingers through your hair.

I have to say the colour selection isn't very broad with only two or three shades per colour family however, I opted for 910 Pearl Blonde which is the lightest shade in the collection.

I know that I always hammer home how important it is for faux blondes like myself to stick to dyes with ash toned bases but pearl blonde is okay to use aswell as it has a silvery/ash undertone as opposed to a warm yellow or orange.
The pearl blonde shade states that it will lift your hair colour up to 2 levels so it is pretty powerful.

The formula itself mixes to an electric blue/purple colour which looks pretty scary but is actually excellent news if like me you are trying to eradicate brassy tones as blue / purple are the best toning colours.
[For more on toners and my hair care routine see THIS POST]

The instructions advise this shade to be left on for 30-40 minutes however, I ended up taking a phonecall and left it on for almost an hour oops.

Upon rinsing the formula leaves your hair feeling super soft, something that my friends had promised.
I found this product really easy to use and the colour payoff was great my super dark roots were covered perfectly and have not turned a brassy orange shade.

Before (Left) and After (Right)

Have you ever tried the Colour Mask dye's?
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