29 April 2014


Anti Frizz products have been at the top of my hair care hit list recently as my super dried out hair needs a little loving.
I have recently discovered the Align 12 protective smoothing lotion from Redken and my hair has stayed pretty much frizz free for nearly a fortnight now.

As with most anti frizz products you apply the product to damp hair, distributing it evenly throughout the ends of your hair where frizz tends to appear most.

Not only does this product smell amazing but it is also non greasy so if you do need to apply some product around your hairline, it won't cause a greasy mop.

Another good element of this product is that it doubles up as a heat protecting gel when you have to get out the hairdryer.

The results of the Align 12 usually last between washes okay I find that by two days post wash I am needing to apply a little more product to tame the unruly, crazy hairs.


25 April 2014


I asked on Twitter last week if anybody would like to see a full post on my hair transition
from bright red to bright blonde.
As a lot of you have been following my hair journey I had a huge response and yes of course you wanted to see all the crazy things that I have done to my hair over the past few months!

I of course do not recommend that you put your own hair through all of this hell as it is extremley damaging, I am lucky that I have seriously robust hair but the damage is still done!

The madness all started the week before Christmas 2013 when my long term relationship ended.
I don't know about you, but when a relationship ends I want to do something with my hair to make me look different.
I'd had the same mahogany/red hair the whole time I was in the relationship and it was knocking on towards five years of sporting the shade.

Blonde is the only hair colour I have never had so after making the decision to try blonde there was no stopping me.

Here is my hair before the bleach:

November 2013

It has many years worth of red dye loaded onto it however, the last red that I ever used was the L'Oreal Feria - Spice Power shade.

I then bought ColourB4 in the maximum lifting variant, the Jerome Russell Bblonde - Maximum Lightening Kit and a Superdrug - Medium Ash Blonde dye.

This in turn turned my hair colour this colour which is a light strawberry blonde shade with A LOT of orange in it.

January 2014

By February I figuired it was time to hit the dye bottle again!
I bought the Nice and Easy - Medium Ash Blonde dye
And the colour looked like this:

February 2014

It was at this colour stage that I kind of abandoned my blonde ambition and decided I wanted to go for a more grown out - Lauren Conrad colour hair which is essentially light brown hair with blonde highlights and lowlight.
I bought a light brown dye and another medium ash blonde and got to work.

The beginning of March 2014

Looking back, I think this colour looks lovely and not at all bad for a home hair dye jobby however, I obviously wanted to start my quest for bleach blonde hair again as I took to the hairdressers later that month and had the whole lot bleached!

The end of March 2014

After striving to get rid of the warmth in the ends of my hair, the colour fluctuated through a number of ash blonde shades (with some nightmare's along the way as you can see below)
And finally, we arrive at today

I am FINALLY blonde and I love the colour!

23 April 2014


If like me you have naturally very pale skin, blonde hair can make you look ill. 
Since my hair has become progessively lighter, I have had to shake up my make-up a little in order to make my hair colour complement my skin tone a little more.

I have found through trial and error that dark liner and dark eye make-up makes my face look harsh instead, I opt for warm brown and gold toned eyeshadow and liner. These colours warm up my face much more than the cooler tones and in turn complement my lighter hair better.

I have naturally dark eyebrows so I tend to not fill them in as structured, instead I sweep a medium brown shade through the natural angles of my brows, keeping them soft.

On my face I stick to a neutral base with a peach blush as opposed to a pink blush as pale skin makes blemishes and redness look even more red.
Neutral shades are the best for blonde hair and fair skin to counteract this problem.

On my lips I think a striking pop or red or hot pink looks amazing against pale skin and light hair as it is vibrant and pulls the attention to the face as a whole.
In the daytime I like to go with a peach toned lip colour as pale pink looks a little too Barbie-esc and again washes the colour from your face.

Which shades would you recommend for fair skin and light hair?

15 April 2014


I have something a little bit different for you all today.
 Beauty that best describes me
Here are four beauty products that I would say best describe me, not only are they my personal favourites but they are also the products that I repurchase over and over again.

The Perfume: If there were a scent to describe me it would always be Yves Saint Laurant - Cinema - I have worn this perfume since I was ten years old when my dear Nana took to Boots to buy it for me. Everybody knows me by this scent and it is just delicious, glamourous and sexy. It is an oriental, floral fragrance that is described by YSL as a volumptuous scent with a flamboyant character.

The Eye Make-up: More often than not I will be wearing Green Smoke eyeshadow from MAC on my eyelids which looks a little something like [THIS]. I like my eye make-up smokey, green and grey - kind of like my eyes! For me it is all about a smudged green shadow with lashings of mascara and layers of liner.

The Hair: Since becoming a full time blondey, yes the days of being inbetween are long gone and I would now say I have earnt my stripes in the club. To maintain a glossy, white blonde colour I use the Pro-Voke Touch of Silver - Optical Brightening Shampoo twice a week. This super strong violet toning shampoo keeps my blonde bright and brass free. I talked about it more indepth [HERE]

The Lips: Bright lips, I have to say are my thing I love nothing more than a pop of colour on my lips to brighten up my make-up. My favourite go to colours are of course hot pink, yes MAC Girl About Town I am looking at you and bold red, my favourite being a £1 lippy from MUA in shade 13.

The Nails: My first dabble with black laquer was when I was on holiday aged 14. I was going through a gothic phase and my mum would always say my nails look disgusting. Since then I barely go a week without a splash of black on my nails, my favourites being the super glossy, blacks. LC style.

What are your four defining beauty products?


14 April 2014

Schwarzkopf Colour Mask '910 Pearl Blonde' Review // Before + After

 Schwarzkopf Colour Mask '910 Pearl Blonde' Review

If there were one hair dye that my friends had recommended to me numerous times it would be this one. I was told that I would never look at another hair dye again after giving this one a try.

With this in mind, last week I headed into Superdrug (to the hair dye section of course) and headed straight to the Schwarzkopf - Colour mask dye which retails at a bargainous £4.
(Even cheaper than Superdrug's own brand dye which I have talked about HERE)

The colour mask dyes are the first hair mask colourants that are apparently as easy to use as a hair mask and to some extent, I would agree as you are provided with a little pot to dunk your hands in to gather product which makes it super easy to distribute with your fingers through your hair.

 Schwarzkopf Colour Mask '910 Pearl Blonde' Review

I have to say the colour selection isn't very broad with only two or three shades per colour family, however, I opted for 910 Pearl Blonde which is the lightest shade in the collection.

I know that I always hammer home how important it is for faux blondes like myself to stick to dyes with ash toned bases but pearl blonde is okay to use as well as it has a silvery/ash undertone as opposed to a warm yellow or orange.
The pearl blonde shade states that it will lift your hair colour up to 2 levels so it is pretty powerful.

The formula itself mixes to an electric blue/purple colour which looks pretty scary but is actually excellent news if like me you are trying to eradicate brassy tones as blue/purple are the best toning colours.

[For more on toners and my hair care routine see THIS POST]

The instructions advise this shade to be left on for 30-40 minutes, however, I ended up taking a phone call and left it on for almost an hour oops.

Upon rinsing the formula leaves your hair feeling super soft, something that my friends had promised.
I found this product really easy to use and the colour payoff was great my super dark roots were covered perfectly and have not turned a brassy orange shade.

Before (Left) and After (Right)
 Schwarzkopf Colour Mask '910 Pearl Blonde' Review

Have you ever tried the Colour Mask dye's?
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7 April 2014


A few weeks ago my gorgeous friend Zoe, who you will probably know better as 'MammafulZo'
wrote THIS blog post comparing and contrasting two face primers, the Benefit POREfessional and the Maybelline 'Baby Skin' - Instant Pore Eraser.

If you have read GGMH for a long time you will know that around two years ago I had an absolutely horrendous experience with The POREfessional if you want to read about what happened 
if not, lets get back to the point in hand, I hate The POREfessional.

Some people can take primers or leave them, personally I really like to include them in my everyday make-up, the Murad Skin Perfecting Primer being an old favourite.

After Zoe told me that she didn't get along with the Maybelline primer she very kindly offered to send it over to me to see what I thought of it.

I really wanted to give it a go myself having never touched a greasy feeling primer since The POREfessional incident two years ago.

The Instant Pore Eraser is marketed as a lightweight primer to create smooth, poreless looking skin creating the perfect base for your make-up.

The primer retails at £7.99 in Boots and Superdrug which I think for 22ml is a little on the pricey side of drugstore products.

The product itself is a transparent, gel like substance that blends nicely into the skin unlike The POREfessional the product doesn't feel greasy on my skin although it is high in silicone content.

I have quite oily skin so I was surprised that this worked as well as what it did as usually there are some serious oil slick issues going on.
I found that my pores did appear blurred but my main focus on the product was how well my make-up applied on top of it.
My foundation applied effortlessly and although the primer doesn't market itself as a product to make your make-up last longer, it does certainly do that.

Overall, I really, really like this primer and would go as far as to say that I prefer to use it in place of my beloved Murad primer.

Have you tried the Baby Skin primer, what did you think?
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5 April 2014


Years ago I remember walking into Bodycare and throwing a shampoo bottle into my basket whilst  wandering round the store in a beauty shopping haze.
Unfortunately, the shampoo I had picked up was a violet toner for platinum blonde hair and at the time my hair was almost black!

Since then I have never had anything more to do with lilac shampoo, until now.

If you read [THIS POST] and [THIS POST] you will know that my hair is now a rather light shade of ashy/white/grey blonde.

As a natural brunette my hair tends to rebel a few weeks after bleaching by turning a lovely shade of bright orange/yellow.

To combat this I was recommend by some of you guys to try the Pro Voke Touch of Silver range.

I bought the Daily Maintenance shampoo and conditioner first and have been using them bi-daily for nearly a month now.

Both products retail at under £3 and are intended to protect against fading and dullness as well as restoring moisture and softness (something bleached hair I find lacks.)

I can't say that the products have kept the brassiness away from hair on their own entirely but they certainly do help in keeping my roots from looking bright yellow. 
I like both of the products and I find that the conditioner does keep my hair super soft whilst I find the shampoo a little drying.

The star of the Touch of silver range does have to be the Twice a week brightening shampoo this stuff is FABULOUS!
I apply this shampoo every Tuesday and Saturday and leave it on my hair for 5 minutes.
I have to admit it is rather drying however, it works a treat!
Upon drying my hair after using it my hair is fully restored to a gorgeous white toned blonde with not an inch of yellow in sight!

Which blonde maintenance products do you recommend for me to try?


1 April 2014


There comes a time in every naturally dark haired girls life when cheating your way to being a blondie cannot go on any longer because dark roots have reared their ugly heads!

My hair grows at the speed of lightening therefore trying to keep up to my super dark roots is a nightmare!
Another box of dye, another sheet of damage layered onto my already brittle hair.

If you have been reading GGMH for a while you will know that I speak highly of the Superdrug Colour Performance dye's which retail for £3.49.

They are quality and extreme value for money as not only are the colours long lasting, but they are also super conditioning.

I recently gave the shade Natural, Light Baby Ash Blonde a try as again, I am piling on the ash to eradicate the yellow/orange.
AND I know this is a huuuuuge no, no but I really liked the shade on the top of the box.

You apply this dye to dry hair and leave to work its magic for 30 mins.

Before and After

When I rinsed my hair I let out a little squeak of joy as my hair wasn't orange and the yellow was toned down to a miniumum. Although my hair didn't turn out the exact same colour on the packet it is imporant to note that it all depends on the condition and pre dye tone of your hair as they are both huge factors on what the end result will look like.

Which ash toned, blonde dye would you recommmend for me to try next?
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