If you read [THIS POST] you will know that I have begun a love affair with BB creams.
As a budget beauty magpie I went on the look out for one of those sassy little 99p numbers.

Of course one of my favourite beauty brands Derma v10 didn't dissapoint me as I found their Q10 Innovations BB cream in Bodycare.

Their BB offering contains caffeine and vitamin C aswell as containing SPF 15.

It intends to give an even skintone, smooth the appearance of fine lines and disguises imperfections.

I have the light variation which is dispenses from the tube ridiculously orange!
I really wasn't expecting to see such an illuminous orange shade.

The consistency of the product is lovely and moisturising however, the orange tone doesn't blend to a neutral tone easily.

The product does provide an even skintone and it does blur blemishes however, I would recommend you use it as a primer / base for foundation as it is far too orange to wear as a BB cream alone, especially on fair skin.

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