Last week I was waiting for an appointment for a blood test, safe to say I was feeling rather nervous as I had a bad experience with one a few years ago.

Instead of sitting calmly in a coffee shop gathering my thoughts and psyching myself up, I decided to hit the shops of course.
Who says retail isn't therapy?

The first place I went was Primark..naturally.
My local Primark at home is super tiny and only carries a handful of the full range therefore you are often hard pushed to find something amazing.

I ended up going off on a really casual tangent and I bought this super casual grey t-shirt with rolled up sleeves. I think this looks really effortless when thrown on with my next purchase which was some
super skinny, light blue jeans.
They are a little plain for my liking so I might take the scissors to them to give them a few rips and scuffs.

I then spotted something ridiculously neon out of the corner of my eye.
I think this is supposed to be a beach cover-up but as you may have seen on Instagram I wear it as an everyday dress.

Photo take from my Instagram: @goodgollymisshollie

Finally, the sun was shining and I have to say that it was warm outside.
After a little browse in TK Maxx I found some sandals that looks beaten up and rock 'n' roll.
So I bought them.
They are by a brand called Refresh and I think they are the ultimate casual, bo-ho sandal which I can't wait to pair with maxi dresses and shorts in the summer.

After a swift outfit change in the Costa Coffee toilets I popped off to my blood test and I have to say, it was easy peasy!

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