A few weeks ago I saw on advert in a magazine advertising a new toner from the Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL range. As you know, I have always thought there was room in the market for an affordable, accessible toner for blonde hair.
I spotted the £4 toner in Boots last weekend and I knew that I had to give one a try as I am constantly trying to maintain my blonde hair. There are two choices of toner in the range. M01 for ice platinum blonde (eradicates yellow tones) and M02 for champagne blonde (eradicates brassy tones.)

Seeing as though my hair has been on the edge of silvery grey for some time now I wanted to give the champagne blonde toner a try as the colour output looked the most appealing and my hair is made up of mostly brassy tones. You can use this toner on bleached, coloured or natural blonde hair and it intends to neutralise brassy tones for pure blonde hair as well as adding moisture and shine.

The formula itself is a white mousse that you apply directly to towel dried hair. The product is reusable based on the length of your hair, I have mid to long hair and I managed three full head applications.You leave the product on for 15 minutes if you are using M02 (Leave M01 on for 5) before rinsing and conditioning as normal.

Upon rinsing I found that my hair was super soft and not left overly dry like other toners have done. When I dried my hair I loved how the toner had blended out the silver on the top of my head and balanced it to a similar shade to the stained lengths of my hair.
I would really recommend this toner if you want an easy to use, affordable and accesibile toner for your blonde hair.

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