Please don't judge me, but I have a confession to make.
A few weeks ago I was dancing to Elvis in a club, a guy was dancing next to me and something flew out of his pocket onto the floor.
The dude got lost in the crowd but the something was rolling around at my feet.

That something was the Nicky Clarke Smooth it over finishing serum.
Yes, I picked it up,the bottle was full and the packaging was all sealed and intact, the little gem had never been opened!

C'mon, you would have done the same. 
Anyway, onto the product itself.

My hair is a pure frizz bomb.
When I leave it to dry naturally, when I blow dry it and even when I use straighteners!
The only way I can tame the frizz is with a whole lotta product.

You apply this product to dry hair, lathering it on evenly.
It smells uber fruity and leaves each strand looking uber shiny.

As for fighting frizz, I don't think it is amazing but it isn't bad either.
It works effectively when your hair has been pre straightened and is starting to frizz throughout the day however, when it comes to taming PURE frizz, it doesn't work quite as well.

What products do you use for taming frizz?
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