Co-washing appeared on the beauty scene some time ago now, for anybody who hasn't come across the term yet it simply means 'conditioner washing.'
I myself have never really embraced the trend but since reading a little more about it in a magazine, I was interested to see what it would do for me.
In traditional co-washing you wash your hair with conditioner only however, I read recently that the new co-wash is to condition your hair, shampoo and THEN condition again.

It all sounds bonkers really but I gave it a go to see what the results were like on my hair.

I started by conditioning my hair with my usual conditioner from Pro-Voke, followed by shampooing with my silver, toner shampoo also from Pro-Voke.

I found that my hair dried much more voluminous as opposed to flat and lank and also felt oddly much, much softer, I can't say that I will be washing my hair this way every time, but for a little oomph it's a handy little trick.
Have you ever tried co washing?
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