8 April 2014


I like to discover products that make me go Ooohhh
The Q10 Innovations cleansing milk from Derma v10 is something that has done just that!

I usually cleanse my face on an evening by begining with a facial wipe followed by a cleanser, a toner and then ofcourse, I moisturise.

The cleansing milk is a super mild, paraben free, allergen free, pH balanced cleanser made with almond oil .
To use you generously apply the milk to a cotton pad and let it work its magic on your face.

I have started replacing my usual facial wipe step with this and I find that my skin feels much softer and moisturised.

I have had a little bit of dry skin lately and the softer, gentler formula has helped my skin to recover better.

Of course this is an absolute BARGAIN of a budget beauty product as you can find it in Bodycare for 99p!
Do you use a cleansing milk?


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